The following are the basic rules of the USS Columbus. Instead of listing countless things writers can and can’t do, the Command Staff feels it is best to establish a set of guidelines so that you, the writer, have an understanding of what is expected of you while you are onboard the Columbus. Our goal is to establish a uniform code of conduct for all members of the simulation, including the Command Staff.

By participating in this simulation, you, the writer, agree to abide by the rules set forth below. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All players must be over the age of 13. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is in order to comply with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) as well as relevant child protection and privacy protection legislation in the country of not only the Commanding Officer but where the Bravo Fleet server currently resides. All players wishing to join must provide at least their first name (no nicknames allowed, please) and also include their birth year. Any players found to be under the age of 13 will be immediately removed and banned from re-joining the simulation until they have reached 13 years of age. All information provided is kept only to the view of members when they are logged into the website.

1. First and foremost, we are a team. Be respectful of all players, including those on our Discord channel and the rest of Bravo Fleet in general. The Command Staff has a zero tolerance policy for direct (Out of Character) harassment and/or other behavior that makes other player(s) feel uncomfortable. This includes harassment of another player on the grounds of religion, politics, gender or sexual orientation. Any player(s) that feel(s) that another is in violation of this rule should bring the matter to the Command Staff immediately. Any player(s) which the Command Staff finds in violation of this policy will be removed from the simulation and barred from rejoining indefinitely.

2. Posting is done by all players at least once every week, it is not that difficult. PNPCs do not count towards this requirement. We want active, and consistent posting on the simulation. If you can't post for more than two weeks, take a leave of absence (LOA), if you can't post for more than a month, then take an extended leave of absence (ELOA). Anything beyond 6 weeks needs to be discussed with the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer.

2.1 Tags JPs should be responded to within 48 hours. If you require more time to respond, inform your co-writers either directly or with an OOC note in the post. If necessary, slip the post up into parts. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the simulation.
3. Failure to post without a valid reason or approved absence for a period of two weeks, as per the activity log on the website, will result in you receiving a formal warning that your posting needs to improve. Failure to post for four weeks, again, as per the activity log, will result in your immediate removal from the simulation. No questions asked.

4. All posting must follow the established posting format and guidelines listed in the wiki, and be in line with the +13 general audience guidelines set forth by Bravo Fleet. This means there is to be no suggestion or reference to any sexual or offensive material. If unsure, speak with the command team.

5. The Command Team reserves the right to approve or deny any application submitted based on their deliberation alone. Any application that contains canon characters, pictures or references to canon characters and ships/bases will be automatically rejected (i.e. a character may not be the son of Jean Luc Picard).

5.1 Species: Species should be limited to worlds that are members of the Federation. Unlikely pairings (i.e. Klingon/Vulcan hybrid) will require a reasonable explanation of how that could happen. Species that are established enemies of the Federation (i.e. the Gorn) and player created species must be discussed prior to application. Exceptions are allowed, but require prior authorization by the Command Staff.

5.2 Rank: Character ranks will be set at the time of application approval and are at the sole discretion of the Command Staff. Do not expect to start out as a Lieutenant Commander or higher. Starting rank is based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the needs of the simulation, applicant experience, application quality, and any communications with the Command Staff.
--5.2.1 Characters transferring from other ships within Bravo Fleet will retain their current rank so long as 1.) They are not transferring as the result of disciplinary action (either IC or OOC) and 2.) Their character has sufficient experience in field/position they are applying for to justify the rank.
--5.2.2 Lastly, rank promotions are at the sole discretion of the Command Staff. Promotions are based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the needs of the simulation, participation, improvements in writing quality, and character growth and development.

5.3 Families: Immediate family members are permitted aboard the Columbus. Extended family are permissible, provided adequate justification is provided

5.4 Strengths/Weaknesses: People are a combination of good points and bad. Perfect people are boring and most people like to root for the underdog. So please, make sure to add one or two weaknesses along with strengths. Weaknesses that are actually strengths (i.e. child abuse makes him/her very angry) do not count.

5.5 History: Character history should be detailed enough to paint a reasonable picture of how the character ended up on the Columbus in the position applied for. Incomplete or blank histories will be denied summarily.

5.6 Sample Post: Sample posts are required. Posts from previous simulations are not acceptable. Incomplete or missing sample posts will be denied summarily.

6. The Columbus does not have an Intelligence department. Players may not play characters in this department and should refrain from requesting to do so. However, characters may have this department, or any position within it, written into their biographies and are allowed to reference their history within the Intelligence department while writing on this simulation.

7. Players are encouraged to create and write Protected Non-Player Characters (PNPCs). PNPCs are written on a part-time basis to add a bit of flair to the story. These characters are the creation of the player and no other player may write on a PNPC's behalf. All players are allowed to create a total of three PNPCs. Please see our NPC policy here. Lastly, there is no posting requirement attached to PNPCs, nor does posting with an PNPC count towards each player's one post per week posting requirement.

8. If a player chooses to resign from the simulation, they are encouraged to contact the Command Staff requesting the resignation. Players are discouraged from resigning in a public sphere (News Item or Discord Announcement) prior to notifying the Command Staff, or simply disappearing from the simulation, Discord channel, or communication all together.

9. In character actions have in character consequences.

10. Finally, have fun! That's an order!