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Upcoming Changes

Posted on Wed Jul 11th, 2018 @ 9:26pm by Commander Milo Tora

A series of events are unfolding that will lead to a change of ship class for the USS Columbus. The new vessel, the USS Columbus-A, will be Titan Class (very very new), a mobile command base. At a time when Starbase 900 lies in ruins, destroyed in the Borg attack, the need for a base that can move/defend itself has never been more necessary.

The Columbus will serve as a platform for the stories of three ships -- the USS Columbus-A and the two ships that use the Columbus as their home port, the USS Pearl (Diligent Class) and the USS Mako (Defiant Class). Three crews that will write on one platform, sometimes together and sometimes apart.

Their mission will be pursuing Orion Syndicate/Cartel operations in the Delta Quadrant (and discovering its connections back to the Alpha Quadrant) and will focus on the same region of space where the USS Steadfast currently is.

Essentially, two NOVA sims - one for the USS Columbus-A, Pearl, and Mako together, and the other, for the USS Steadfast. What happens on one sim, will have effects that are felt on the other.

To facilitate interactions between the crews, we have set up a separate Discord channel, Joint Operations - Task Force 38A - so that everyone can share information/chat/etc. If you're interested in joining the channel, please let us know.

Cmdr. Lucien St. Cyr, commanding the USS Steadfast
Cmdr. Milo Tora, commanding the USS Columbus
Ronan Channe will be commanding the USS Pearl (once events unfold); the Captain of the USS Mako has yet to be determined.


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