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Civilian Neomi Chae

Name Neomi Chae

Position Trader

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half Deltan
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Color Black/Curly
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description You wouldn't know that she was Deltan to look at her - her dark hair is curly and tends to refuse taming (not that she tries particularly hard). She is lean, with little to no body fat, that being a combination of living rough more often than not and a life that doesn't afford a lot of down time. Her dark hazel eyes reflect her awareness of her surroundings. She dresses as the situation warrants and her clothes show a bit of wear -- There is nothing brand new about her. She is pretty much always armed and actively resists disarming.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Alendi
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emerson is intelligent and unlikely to tell you what she's thinking. As far as she's concerned, a well crafted lie is as good as the truth. She doesn't trust easily, if at all, though she's loyal to her friends. She keeps her word and, though its not something she wants broadcasted about, can be talked into doing the right thing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
* Eidetic memory (both audio and visual)
* Empathic
* Deltan Pheromones (but always within her control)
* Good in hand to hand and with small weapons (knives/phasers)
* Experienced pilot - has her own ship, The Phoenix
* Learns languages easily
* Good in negotiations (talking herself out of trouble ...)
* Good at figuring people out

* Not much interested in the classroom, would much rather learn as she goes
* Hates uniforms and military discipline in general. Starfleet was never an option for her.
* Doesn't trust easily and doesn't open up easily at all
Ambitions There are things she wants to know, to discover, but that's not something she's likely to tell you about, now is it?
Hobbies & Interests * Reading (and using books as trade)
* Archeology/Tracking down unusual items
* Making connections/friends
* Dancing/Having a good time
* Gambling

Personal History Her first memories were of being left on Turkana IV. She knew she wasn't native; she remembered the ship that brought her there. Remembered her mother and a place that was filled with flowers.

Everything Turkana IV was not. She grew up fast, fighting everyone and everything ... for food, for shelter, for safety. Turkana IV was the crucible that forged her character. As far as she was concerned, her goal in life, right behind survival, was finding a way off the planet. She succeeded finally at the age of 16. At first a stowaway on an aging freighter, when she was discovered, half-starved and filthy in the cargo hold, she lied about her age to the freighter's captain and signed on as crew, where she set about learning how to make her way in the universe.

It wasn't an easy life but then she didn't know what easy looked like. She worked hard, she pushed back when she was pushed, and kept her own counsel. The freighter captain noticed and before long, she was one of them. that worked for a time. She kept her eyes open and from the freighter's captain, she learned how to use a being's culture to your advantage, how to change your appearance and behavior to fit in (what he called the art of the chameleon), and how to spot the lies and the cons, among other things. While he wasn't an easy man, she appreciated the education and the two parted friends when it became clear that she wasn't meant to work for anyone but herself.

She won her ship (whose name has changed more than once) in a three-day poker game and spent the next two months learning everything there was to know about her. Her ship is deceptive - a smuggler's ship originally, she can attain speeds you wouldn't think possible and has a few nooks and crannies where 'sensitive' cargo can be stowed, safe from prying eyes and technology. She considers the ship her home and agreed, after speaking with an old friend, Milo Tora, to act on behalf of his ship, the Columbus.

Unfortunately, what could have been a profitable adventure, turned into a fiasco of the first magnitude. A spy had worked his way onto the ship and killed four people and sabotaged the ship's main weapon resulting in a conflagration that ultimately destroyed the ship. And if all that wasn't bad enough, and it was, she herself was arrested as being the spy without any evidence whatsoever. That situation was ultimately handled by Milo and to him, she released the security footage from her ship that put the Chief of Security turned XO on the trail of the murderer/saboteur/general all around bad guy.

Back on her ship, renamed the "Phoenix", since it, like her, arose from the ashes of the Columbus. Neomi Chae (her actual name believe it or not) tries to decide what comes next.
Service Record **CLASSIFIED** Captain's Eyes Only