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Lieutenant JG Iryniahl th’Eryrak

Name Iryniahl th’Eryrak

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 191cm (6'3")
Weight 59kgs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Iryniahl th’Eryrak is a tall Andorian Thaan. He keeps himself clean shaven, however he keeps his hair reasonably long, but neatly tied back. He is well muscled and carries himself with confidence.


Spouse Thevao zh’Tirhekorh, Jhyshro sh’Otorrahr, Boraan ch’Volnerthq
Children Aryther ch’Tirhekorh
Voshia sh’Tirhekorh
Father Tyhriss ch’Atorhok, Kehlohr th’Zhaaqal
Mother Ipylish zh’Eryrak, Vrymith sh’Iraothir
Brother(s) Otovohr th’Eryrak
Sister(s) Athryllaah sh’Eryrak
Other Family Many

Personality & Traits

General Overview Iryniahl has a great analytical mind. He is calm and thoughtful, and prefers to let other speak first, as this allows him to get a better understanding of a situation before he acts. Like all Andorian's his antennae give away his thoughts and emotions, however, he has become very skilled at keeping them still, as to not tip his hand in a delicate situation. Despite being a diplomat Iryniahl is a skilled fighter, in honour of his peoples warrior past.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Calm under pressure
+Analytical mind
+Thinks before speaking

-Violent when provoked
-Doesn't like time wasters
Ambitions To bring peace where ever he can
To become a Federation Ambassador
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Spending time with his children
Physical Exercise

Personal History Iryniahl was born in Janita city on Andoria in 2359. He grew up with two siblings, one older, and one younger. They were close growing up. In 2377 he joined the Andoria Campus of Starfleet Academy.

In 2380, in Iryniahl’s third year at the academy, he got married. In 2381Iryniahl graduated from Starfleet Academy in the Diplomatic Track. He was immediately assigned to the USS Belfast as a junior diplomat.

In 2385 Iryniahl was transferred to Starbase 121, on the Romulan border, as their Chief Diplomatic Officer. His family joined him and later that same year his bondgroup had their first child.

Iryniahl did well on Starbase 121 and have multiple interactions with the Romulans, who were still reeling from the Hobus disaster. In 2387 Iryniahl’s bondgroup had their second child. Later that year during negotiations with Romulan officials, Iryniahl was kidnapped when the negotiations went badly. He was rescued a few days later by Starfleet Marines.

In 2389 Iryniahl was transferred to the USS Columbus.
Service Record 2377 - Joins Starfleet Academy
2381 - Graduates Starfleet Academy
2381 - Assigned USS Belfast
2385 - Assigned Starbase 121
2389 - Assigned USS Columbus