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Lieutenant JG Nathaniel Armani

Name Nathaniel Armani

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 182lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Nathaniel is a tall and generally athletic man who enjoys pushing himself to his limits in the gym and the holosuits. From this he has a very toned appearance which is seen through his uniform. Tim is very conscious of his own appearance and always take pride in how he looks to others. His hair is usually in a messy but organised style which has been perfected over the years.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Adm. Stephen Armani
Mother Captain Elaine Armani

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Nathaniel has a gentle, fun and caring nature but has in his experiences developed a stern, firm and influential command presence. He is driven by a strong moral and ethical code of conduct that is in compliance with Starfleet’s expectations. He has a strong sense of respect and is a true believer of leading by a good example. He does not like sloppy work and has been known to make staff start things again because he has not been satisfied the job has been done properly.

Weaknesses: Nathaniel is a ‘Fly Boy’ by nature and heart and can sometimes become too impatient in situations that are not dealt with swiftly – this originates from his fast flying attitude. Nathaniel has a meticulous and systematic attitude to getting things done and from time to time takes on more than he can handle rather than delegating.

Personal History Early Life:
Nathaniel was born to Stephen and Elaine Armani and was the youngest of 4 children. Upon his birth, Stephen was an executive officer on Admiral Hurds ship who was the Force Commander for the 31 Task Force. His wife Elaine was working in the same Force but on the USS Pyewipe as the Chief Engineering Officer. Both his parents were established officers within Starfleet. Tim lived with his mother on the Pyewipe with the 3rd oldest child, Oliver. His older brother and sister has already enrolled into Starfleet academy and where training to be medical officers and engineers. Nathaniel was your average child at school in his younger years and never really stood out much to other people. He was in a sense overshadowed by Oliver who all the attention seemed to be on. Once Oliver had left the attention was now on Nathaniel to become the last member of his family to enlist at Starfleet. Nathaniel however became known for how mischievous he could be and how he easily shifted the blame onto other people. At the age of 10, his father was given his own command and his mum joined him as Chief Engineering Officer. The family was finally reunited, and Nathaniel became a protégée child to his parents. His dad ensured that Nathaniel experienced a broad range of settings whilst he was on the ship. 7 years later Nathaniel gained entry to Starfleet academy.

Academy Life:
Nathaniel’s arrival at the academy had come as little surprise to those that knew his family and great expectations rests on his shoulders. At the academy, Nathaniel engaged in a broad programme of studies that involved Piloting, Security, Tactics, Engineering and basic medics. As well as this he studied the compulsory modules of diplomacy, history, language and survival. It was not until his third year that he decided that he wanted to specialise in Flight Control and at this point enlisted on all the programmes that would allow this to happen. As he realised he had decided fairly late on, he took extra classes in Astrogation and Astronomy and finished top in these classes. Nathaniel graduate from the academy as a Flight Control officer with high distinctions in most of the areas he chooses to follow. Upon completion of the academy he decided to re-enrol into the academy to undertake an additional course in Piloting and Tactics. This course allowed Nathaniel to experience a range of flight training on a variety of ships at different speeds and in different situations.

It was at this stage of his life that Nathaniel became known as a cowboy in his training, some even going as far as saying his tactics where reckless in the simulators. The Captain of the training ship he completed a short period of time on described him as reckless, careless and had no regards for the safety of others – Nathaniel however disagreed and successfully argued and explained how his actions on one training voyage had saved the lives of the crew – a fault which was not created by himself but by inexperienced officers in Engineering. His relaxed attitude was officially noted in a hearing after he famously replied to a Senior officer saying ‘sometimes we need to be reckless to discover our brilliance.’

Nathaniel’ personal life seemed to always be under scrutiny at the academy and so he tried to keep as low of a profile as possible – at times this however seemed near impossible. Nathaniel was commended for his commitment and dedication to studies, but he was also known as a lady’s man and a ringleader. Sometimes his antics got him into trouble when he was with large groups of people – he became known for how easily he could lead people astray. 9 times out 10 when there was trouble or a brawl, Nathaniel would have had some influence but then was extremely skilled at passing the buck and avoiding the accountability of situations; most the times making himself look like a bystander in incidents.

USS Peacekeeper:
Nathaniel eventually left the academy and his first posting was as the Assistant Chief Flight Control officer on the Excelsior class USS Peacekeeper. When his posting was assigned to him Nathaniel was extremely angry at the thought of serving on an old ship capable of minimum speeds, which was no doubt going to be very sluggish and slow to respond. Nathaniel was not wrong with the Peacekeeper. The vessel itself was nearing the end of its lifecycle and was due to be decommissioned in 3 years time – he’d been awarded the OAP of the Fleet which creeped at every slight movement. It was also notable how the ship was old as was the vast majority of his crew. Nathaniel joined the ship with an open mind; wanting to bring all his training and experience he had picked up along the years to help support the crew. It was evident though from the start that these officers where risk averse to any changes and were happy to coast until the ship was decommissioned; and their most likely retirement point too. True to his thoughts, Nathaniel remained (with much disappointment) as part of the Peacekeepers crew until it was called for it to be decommissioned. Nathaniel had spent the last year of his assignment feeling trapped and restricted, no one would let him try anything or make any improvements people saw little point to wasting resources. Despite this, he has picked up a lot of experience from the somewhat ‘aged’ crew and learnt skills such as more indepth engineering skills, some medical skills and had a leisurely life; something even after 3 years he was bursting to jump out of.

USS Rainmaker:
The Rainmaker was an eye-opening experience for this young and naive officer – thus lightyears away from the Federation his only hope was survival but at the same time, he wanted to go and make a name for himself rather than live in his parents footsteps. The Rainmaker ventured into the Gamma Quadrant and being away from home had its advantages for Nathaniel. He had very few family connections and was working under a very strict commanding officer and executive officer who at first developed a strong dislike to his ‘casual’ attitude. He was reprimanded on several occasions for taking too severe risks – in effect, being so far from home was the probable cause of him not loosing his position in the fleet but allowed him to quickly grow and learn and be nurtured into a mature, but young and ‘fun’ senior officer. Though he came into the position as a competent pilot, he would not have been described as the ‘complete’ package which Starfleet aspired all officers to be like. He developed a lot of people skills over his time and learnt lessons the hard way – being so far from home and from the Federation main meant it wasn’t easy to just jump to another assignment or ignore the smaller issues. He developed the mantra of ‘sweat the small things’ through this assignment. His time in the Gamma Quadrant was productive and educational – the ship had experienced a wide range of missions from first contact, search and rescue, medical emergencies and firefights. All of these experiences had helped Nathaniel become a more competent and dedicated officer – albeit sometimes a loose cannon in some situation. The Commanding Officer did however officially note in an appraisal how Armani has matured with age and experience.

Classified Information:
Nathaniel Armani conducted a special operation with Starfleet security because of his skills in the area of Flight Control and basic engineering skills. This mission was an infiltration covert operation involving the Romulans. This involved 3 months of intelligence and fitness training before being deployed into the field. He was undercover for a time period just short of 8 months. Further background information to the purpose and result of this mission has been classified and can be requested on authorisation by Starfleet Intelligence.

Starfleet Academy:
After his special operations mission Nathaniel came back and reflected on his career ambitions. Before this point he had little intention of wanting to progress any higher than a head of department. Events on Romulus had helped him change his mind in this situation. Nathaniel decided at this point to complete some additional officer training to make him more versatile and multifunctional in his role as a Starfleet Officer. At the academy, Armani completed a 10 month training programme in Security and Tactical Operations with a specialism in battlefield theory, tactics, star ship defensive and offensive weaponry and systems as well as sector security. It was also during his time back at the academy were he completed and passed his bridge officer training.

Starbase 873:
After completing addition training, a very different opportunity arose where Armani would be stationed in one sector and managed the security and operations of that area from the leading Star Base. Armani was attracted to this role because of its ‘quirkiness’ and ability to experienced different situations. At this time in his life, his past experiences had made him more reflective on his life and were he wanted to take it. He had always grown up remaining in the shadow of his father who was now an Admiral in the Fleet; Nathaniel wanted to aspire for something different. During his time here he had gained experiences of dealing with a range of situations that he felt had better prepared him in his career with Starfleet. The attraction of this assignment also better prepared him in a range of other areas from intelligence to emergency medical deployment and he aspired toward the more long-term missions. Managing a sectors operations was no easy feat – it required skilled diplomacy with the natives, Starfleet and passers-by who came in and out of the system. At the same time, being stationed on a large base meant he had the opportunity to be introduced to a whole host of people, officials, dignitaries and people who had influence. He kept his skills in flight control active by participating in drills with support vessels and on occasions acting in the capacity as the Chief Flight Control Officer for the support vessels when they were deployed on more strategic missions. During his time on the base he was also seconded to work with the Corps of Engineers where he test piloted a range of innovative designs of Star ships as well as conducting holodeck based simulations and reviews of new technologies.
Service Record 2370 – 2373 – Starfleet Academy – Cadet Training
2373 – 2374 – Starfleet Academy – Advanced Officer Training
2374 – 2377 - USS Peacekeeper: Asst. Chief Flight Control Officer
2377 – 2383 - USS Rainmaker: Chief Flight Control Officer
2384 – 2386 – Starfleet Academy – Additional Officer Training
2386 – PRES – Starbase 873 – Sector Strategic Operations Officer