Episode 2: Columbus Ascending

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Having been lured into a trap by the fleeing saboteur, the Columbus, barely out of the Fleet Yards, is destroyed. There are many questions to be answered and, in the aftermath of battle, the crew of the Columbus gathers at Starbase 611 to await an uncertain future.

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Pilot: Change of Plans

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The Columbus has returned to her berth at Utopia Planitia following her certification tests and now awaits the arrival of her permanent crew. Most of the Fleet Yard personnel have disembarked, leaving only a handful behind to complete some last minute repairs and system optimizations. With her fusion reactors in cold stand-by and her warp core powered down for final inspections, the ship slumbers in Grey Mode, relying on dry-dock for power. A sense of anticipation hangs in the air as the first of her permanent crew arrive. What will they find in the Delta Quadrant? Have the Borg really returned? Only time will tell...

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Episode 1: To Boldly Go...

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The time has come. By shear force of will power (and potentially fatal amounts of caffeine), the crew has managed to complete a months worth of pre-launch preparation in five short days. With the ship finally underway, it's time to run a series of abbreviated tests to confirm the Columbus' operational readiness. Will the ship perform as expected? What will happen when the transwarp drive is activated for the first time? And what's wrong with the sensors?

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