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Last Call

Posted on Mon Sep 3rd, 2018 @ 9:03pm by Lieutenant Marcus Alexander, MD

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Enroute to Columbus
Timeline: 2 January 2389 - 0800

The days passed as the events unfolded that had changed Marcus’s life. The Federation had secured a strong hold in the Raeya sector, but at what cost to Marcus. Marcus left the sector heading back to starbase 611. His mother had been appointed as the Federation ambassador to Raeya III, his father had returned to Starfleet Command, and well Mary was now Queen and far above his reach. They had promised their souls to each other, but time and responsibilities would keep them apart for now. Mary was the Holy Royal Monarch now and Marcus had his duties as a Starfleet Officer. The Delta Quadrant was waiting. He would forever remember their time together but this was events would be better for another time.

The shuttle craft roared to a stop as it dropped out of warp. The jerk brought Marcus out of his nap. Opening his eyes, he saw the Jupiter class station in orbit of the orange glow planet. As the shuttle zoomed around, another gray figure appeared in front of them. The massive ship was even larger than the space station. “Wow,” Marcus said aloud as they made their approach.

“Shuttle Bravo, you are cleared to approach, welcome to Columbus,” the shuttlebay manager said. Marcus sat back in his seat. A few fancy maneuvers and the shuttle whirled towards the shuttlebay. Marcus watched as space changed to the inside of a shuttlebay or as Marcus looked around what looked like at least 6 starbase shuttlebays.

As the shuttle came to a stop and Marcus departed the shuttle, he saw the hustle and bustle of the new Titan class starship. He had never seen this many people on a starship before but then again this was a mobile starbase. Marcus slowly made his way to the Chief Medical Officer’s office as he was now in charge of an entire hospital instead of just a sickbay.


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