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Catching The Space Bug

Posted on Sun Sep 2nd, 2018 @ 6:05pm by Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: USS Columbus Transpoter
Timeline: Current

Looking out the windows of the station as he was walking to the transporter room, Konebak could not keep his eyes off the large ship that would be his new work place. He could only think about the warp core and the engineering deck it excited him but you couldn't tell because he kept his arms crossed behind him and he was calmly walking. Pausing to look out the window one more time before stepping into the transporter room. "What a beautiful ship I can't wait to see whats out there."

Stepping in to the transporter room the transporter chief looked at him and spoke. "Sir we are ready when you are." With a nod Konebak stepped on to the pad took a look around the room and stood tall crossing his arms behind him again. "Alright chief it's time, energize." The chief slid his fingers cross the terminal and Konebak was suddenly on the USS Columbus transporter pad.

Looking at he Columbus's Transporter Chief expecting an odd look that never came Konebak walked forward and shook his hand. "I'm assuming I should meet with the captain in his ready room am I right." The Chief nodded and grinned. "Yes Sir the captain requested you go to the ready room right away." Konebak let go of the chief hand and left the transporter room and headed for the nearest turbo lift.

Stepping into the lift he looked around and spoke. "Bridge" suddenly the turbo lift began moving waiting to reach the bridge Konebak started thinking to himself about the job to come. the doors slid open and he walked on to the bridge looking around he took a deep breath and stepped forward toward the captains ready room.


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