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The Early Meeting

Posted on Thu Sep 6th, 2018 @ 4:10pm by Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Captian's Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Walking into the ready room Konebak looked around the room in awe of the design he didn't notice the commander. "What a beautiful ship from top to bottom I can only wonder how it is I've earned this." Turning he noticed the commander, Konebak suddenly now standing straight he apologized for ignoring the commander.

"My apologizes sir I've been distracted since the ship arrived." Slightly paranoid that he left a bad impression he clasped his hands behind his back and stood as proper as he could to show respect.

"I was told the Captain had asked me to his ready room how can I help?" He asked calmly.

Ronan, however much he was senior officer on board, refused to use the Ready Room and had, in fact, just been making sure that nothing had been left here that needed immediate attention. He looked up in surprise when the officer entered. "And who was it that told you the Captain asked you to report," Ronan asked as his gaze turned wintry cold and the wolf that hid behind his eyes came suddenly to attention.

As calm and collective as Konebak could be he noticed the tense and almost aggressive look he was receiving from the commander. Trying not to give in to his natural aggression he spoke sternly. "When I beamed aboard your transporter chief had told me to report to the senior most officer i had assumed that would be the captain of the ship." Konebak could feel the tension in the room as one of his mandibles twitched.

"At the moment," Ronan said as he came forward to accept the officer's orders, "this ship has no Captain. The crew is just starting to report aboard. And you are ...." he asked.

Handing over his orders Konebak calmed down slightly and responded to the questions asked of him. "My name is Konebak, my species is that of the Xindi-Insectoids and I'm your new Chief Engineer sir." Now standing with his hand out in attempt to shake his new commanders hand.

Ronan accept the orders and accepted the handshake. Among his people, handshakes were unknown; it had been something he'd needed to learn at the Academy as part of class on dealing with aliens. The instructor had been good about explaining Earth customs along with all the others. And while it wasn't familiar, it had become easier to do with time. And so he shook and then returned to studying the lieutenant's orders. They seemed in order but then, the intruder's orders had passed inspection as well. It was hard, given the weight of four deaths, to be welcoming but he did try. "Welcome aboard the Valkyrie, Lieutenant," he said. "As you can see, the ship is readying for launch so there will be a lot for you to do. However, before you get started, I want you meet first with our Chief of Security and then with our Chief Medical Officer."

Still not use to the feeling of flesh on his hard exoskeleton, it still felt slightly uncomfortable but he wanted to show respect so me didn't pull away when shaking Ronan's hand until it seemed right. With a nod to the Commander Konebak grinned with his mandibles. "I'll head down to meet with both as soon as we are done here sir, is there anything else you think I should know before I go."

"We also have two support vessels, the Pearl and the Mako, which will make your job that much more difficult, I'm afraid. Once you've had a chance to make an assessment, let me know how much time you'll need so that we'll be able to set a timeline for departure," Ronan said, relieved to have the handshake ended though he, as well, wanted to show proper respect. Assuming of course that the Chief Engineer was not another spy to be inserted aboard by persons unknown and assuming that a Captain was assigned some time soon because until then, they weren't going anywhere.

"No problem sir i'll give you a full report as soon as possible after I meet with the doctor." Standing at attention again with his arms crossed behind his back he nodded to the commander. "If their is nothing else sir I will get to the med bay immediately."

"Security first, Lieutenant. THEN Medical. As I said, welcome aboard the Valkyrie. I'll be expecting your report. You're dismissed."

"As you say sir." Turning and leaving the room Konebak headed out to meet the Security Chief.

Ronan watched the lieutenant leave, waited for the doors to close, and then tapped his combadge. "Channe to Jennings. I'm sending a Xindi your way. Says he's our new Chief Engineer but I want you to verify that before he gets full access to the ship and its systems."


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