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Shipping out

Posted on Sun Sep 9th, 2018 @ 5:12am by Captain (Marine) Roland Hallowes

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: SB611 - Quarters
Timeline: Current

Roland had completed the trip out to the Valkyrie and returned to the starbase in record time. On his way back to his quarters Roland stopped to explain his change of orders to the officer who had been assigning him work. Back in his quarters he made a mental check list of what he needed to do and set to work. He had never been one to collect a lot of possessions. He packed his clothes, sketchpads, a couple of cases of scotch, and various other items then called for them to be picked up for transfer to the Valkyrie.

[A short while later]
After a stop at the quarter masters to thank him for the accommodations and The Wingman to say goodbye to gunny, Roland stood at the access point to the Valkyrie, his new home. While he waited for the line to clear he took the time to look out the view port of the ship. This thing is enormous, you could fit a couple of galaxy class starships inside that hull he thought. First new class ship I've been on in a decade, wonder how long it will take me to learn my way around he continued as he headed for the access point.

"Captain Roland Hallowes reporting for duty" he announced as he approached the security station. One security officer started checking the database while the other performed a DNA scan. "I'm a recent entry onto the ship's company."

"We have you sir, you are cleared to board" the security said with a wave of his hand.

"When does the next tour start?" Roland asked before boarding.

"Sir?" came the puzzled reply.

"Never mind" Roland said over his shoulder as he made his way onto the ship.

Roland walked a short distance onto the ship and stopped at the first computer console he found. "Computer where is Lt. Command Channe?"

"Lt. Commander Channe is in his office on deck 20" came the quick reply.

"Show me the way to his office please."

Instantly directional arrows lit up along the wall.

I've got to learn the layout of this ship he thought as he walked along the path indicated.


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