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A Hard Exterior (Part 1)

Posted on Mon Sep 17th, 2018 @ 12:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe & Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings & Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek
Edited on on Mon Sep 17th, 2018 @ 12:37pm

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 2389/01/01 - 0800

After leaving the Ready room and having a very interesting conversation with Ronan, Konebak looked around at the bridge and exhaled relaxing him self. Tapping his commbadge he spoke. "This is Konebak, to the Chief of Security I've been asked to speak with you where should I meet with you."

Ba'zra was on her guard. Ronan was concerned and the fact that he was personally concerned heightened her own. She would not fail him again. After all, she would have to hear about it both on and off duty and she would not let him have that kind of satisfaction. She tapped her own commbadge and growled, "=/\= Stay where you are. I see you are on the bridge. I will be there shortly. Acknowledge. =/\= The last word was a command that left little room for any doubt that she was to be obeyed.

Konebak stunned at first to hear the growl over the commbadge he hissed back as a reflex towards what he felt was a threatening response to his question. "I'll be waiting ma'am hsssss, Acknowledged ." Noticing the hiss that followed his response he paused and spoke again. "My apologies for the hiss it's a reflex I'm trying to learn to control." He said calmly.

A woman that appeared to be Klingon showed up on the bridge. She looked at the Insectoid Xindi in the Federation uniform and growled, "State your name."

Feeling his antenna rear forward Konebak tried to hold himself back from reacting to the growl this time as he responded to the question. "Konebak Zek of the Xindi-Insectoid colony worlds, Ma'am!"

"What was your last assignment and your mission on that assignment?" Ba'zra pulled out a PADD and started looking through it, checking the answers.

"I was on the Delta Quadrant Station that we are docked with right now for the past six years as an engineer for repairs where ever they needed me, prior to that I was at the academy." Konebak relaxed realizing that these are just basic questions.

"So, you mean to tell me that you entered Starfleet at 13 years of age?" Ba'zra asked, trying to trip the Xindi up.

Puzzled by the question Konebak shook his head and leaned in closer almost face to face with the Security Chief. "Ma'am you do realize we Xindi-Insectoids live half the life span of most humanoids so of course I started when I was thirteen of your years old is that a problem." He asked with a slightly condescending tone in his voice.

Not phased, Ba'zra continued her interrogation impatiently. "That does not mean that you matured sufficiently. Humans used to live under a hundred years. Yet, still most Humans are not accepted, let alone apply to Starfleet until they are 18. So, yes, I question your age and your time of entry. In fact, I question that you are who you say you are. Perhaps we should merely do a DNA scan and get this farce completed."

Feeling antagonized by the accusations that Ba'zra was throwing at him, Konebak snapped back. "You dare insult my integrity you dishonorable Klingon!" His antenna reared forward and his mandibles pulled back vibrating causing a hissing sound. "You maybe my superior but I won't be insulted, do what you need to but challenge me like this again and you'll find my claws are sharper then any Klingon blade."

"HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY HONOR, YOU PETAQ!" Ba'zra half-shouted and half-growled. She tapped her commbadge and announced, =/\= I immediately need a security team on the bridge. We have a probable intruder. Lieutenant Channe, also to the bridge. =/\=

Ronan, who had already left the Ready Room with the intention of returning to his own office, stopped on the mezzanine. He heard the part of the exchange in stunned disbelief and was already striding down the stairs when the message came through his combadge regarding a probable intruder. "I will assume," he said quietly and though his voice was low it carried with it authority and purpose, "that both of you attended Starfleet Academy where, and I know this from personal experience, they actually taught courses on decorum and the rule of law."

A security team rushed up onto the bridge. They held their phasers out, uncertain at whom they should point it.

[Continued in Part 2]


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