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Posted on Thu Sep 13th, 2018 @ 9:35am by Lieutenant Brianna Perim & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: 2 January 2389 - 14:30

It was a little more than halfway through the second watch of Alpha shift and Brianna had the illustrious honor of being the Officer of the Watch. Given that the ship was still docked with Starbase 611 (or perhaps more accurately, the starbase was still docked with the ship), there wasn't much activity on the bridge that required direct oversight. Thus, she used the relative quiet to work on reports since she was still the acting Chief Science Officer.

The Valkyrie's state-of-the-art holographic consoles had taken some time to get used to, but now the young Trill quickly flipped through the sensor logs with a practiced hand. The particular anomaly she was looking for showed up in the logs again and again, persisting for over a week, a subtle variation in chroniton radiation. It had been labeled as 'background radiation' or overlooked all together by other science officers, as the nearby Forth of July Nebula was a natural source of the radiation, but something about it nagged at the back of her mind.

After performing a more thorough analysis, Brianna had found the particle spin and decay rate of the anomaly's radiation didn't match the radiation produced by the nebula. Furthermore, the radiation appeared to be originating from inside the ship. And as if that wasn't mysterious enough, the part of the ship the radiation was originating from was under a level ten security lockout.

She tapped her combadge, "Commander Channe, this is Lieutenant Perim. Can you come to the bridge when you have a moment? There's something I think you should see..."

"On my way," Ronan said as he headed out of his office and made the short trip down to the main level of the Bridge where he found Perim at a console. Inwardly, he prepared himself for the worst ... dead bodies ... explosive devices ... Outwardly though, he remained his calm and capable self. "The ship is docked, the crew is still reporting aboard, what is it that you found, Lieutenant?"

"An anomalous sensor reading, Sir," Brianna replied as she pulled up the sensor reading in question, "A slight variation in chroniton radiation, originating somewhere in the forward sections of deck one-twenty-two."

He knew that nothing was scheduled because he'd been reading the reports. Whoever or whatever this was, it wasn't there with his knowledge or permission and that could not be allowed to stand. "Chroniton radiation," Ronan repeated. There were several causes for that sort of radiation and none of them should be present on the Valkyrie which meant new trouble. "Send a security team to that location," he growled, "and put the ship on lock-down. No one in or out."

"Aye, Sir," the science officer replied as her fingers manipulated the holographic controls. A moment later, panels and consoles across the ship lit up with flashing yellow indicators as the klaxons sounded Yellow Alert. "That part of the ship is under a level ten security lockout. The closest I can get a security team is section J-seven alpha."

"Bring up a deck schematic," Ronan said nodding slightly. "Close is a start. Do we have visuals for that area?"

A few pokes and swipes brought up a holographic three dimensional wire-frame model of the ship. Grabbing the model with her hands, Brianna pulled and tugged, zooming in on the portion of the ship in question. A few more pokes added a nebulous red sphere near the nose of the ship and a blue dot closer to the center. "Internal sensors in the forward sections of deck one-twenty-two are also under the lockout. The radiation source appears to be within a fiftyish meter radius of section C-three," she pointed to the red sphere in the model, "And here is the closest accessible section," indicating the blue dot, nearly five hundred meters aft of the red sphere according to the model's scale.

"Evacuate decks 121 and 123. Have Engineering begin looking for a way to get in there," Ronan said as he folded his arms across his chest. "So there's a section of the ship that is under a security lockout higher than command level and we have no internal senors in that area. Can we set a force field just beyond that one? A barrier that we control ... so that whoever is within the level ten won't be able to go escape?"

"Those decks are unoccupied," Brianna observed as she weaved her hands through the controls, "Probably why this wasn't noticed until now...Engineering has been notified and the force-field is up. Not sure the force-field will stop anyone that can setup level ten security lockouts, though..."

"Might slow them down though. I'm heading down there now. Have Lt. Jennings meet me there," Ronan said as he headed for the nearest turbolift. "Any change, keep me informed."

"Yes, Sir," Brianna replied, her fingers already moving over the controls. "Lt. Jennings has been notified."

Ronan left the Bridge, armed and ready to confront whatever it was that thought to come aboard yet another vessel to which he'd been assigned. As the doors to the turbolift closed, he said, "Deck 122."


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