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Old Comrades New Ship [Part 1]

Posted on Sat Sep 22nd, 2018 @ 11:58am by Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe & Captain (Marine) Roland Hallowes

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Bridge Mezzanine - Deck 20
Timeline: Current

Roland took several twists and turns as he made his way from the access point to upper deck of the bridge. Along the way he had changed the instructions to direct him to Lt. Cmdr. Channe instead of his office. The directional arrows adjusted his course as Channe moved about the ship. He finally reached his quarry standing outside his office looking down over the lower level of the bridge.

Should I offer my hand Roland thought as he approached the Lt. Cmdr. as I recall handshakes aren't part of his culture. Let's do thing his way he decided as he walked up and announced "Captain Roland Hallowes reporting for duty sir". Roland stood next to Channe as he awaited a reply.

"Welcome aboard," Ronan said, smiling at once. "I'm glad you agreed to join us though, given what happened on the Columbus, you'll still need to be checked out. Make sure that you are who you say you are ... At least until the new Captain comes aboard. Then its his or her call."

"Thank you sir" Roland returned the smile. "and thank you for requesting me. I passed the scan at the access point but I'll head to medical next to have a more thorough check performed. Do we have a chief medical officer yet?"

"Its a formality, you understand, I trust. Probably just should have had it all set up in the transporter rooms," he said in a weak attempt at a joke. "As far as I know, its still Doctor Alexander. In fact, most of the crew is from the Columbus though with some additions."

"Well that explains why I recognized so many crewmen on my way up here" Roland replied while chuckling. "To be part of this crew I'll submit to any checks you feel necessary" Roland continued in a more serious tone. "I'll go see the doc after we're done. Any departure orders yet or word of who's going to be running the show?" Roland asked leaning on the railing and looking down on the lower deck of the bridge.

Ronan turned, hands gripping the rail, as he stared down at the Bridge. "Not a word," he said quietly. "Nor any word if we'll be able to track down whoever it was that killed four of our own." He turned his head toward the Roland as he added, "I'm not sure I can live with that."

Roland turned his head toward Ronan and met his eyes. "Rodger that, sir. I just hope Starfleet gives us the chance" Roland replied in quiet sincere tone. "I'd hate to have to try to borrow a Gryphon" he added with a smile.

Ronan shrugged. "Agreed because if you had to, I'd probably be volunteering to ride shotgun." He paused and then added, "That's an old-Earth idiom someone used to say all the time. I call shotgun. I had no idea what he meant until I started querying the computer about it." He shook his head in mock irritation. "As if learning Federation Standard wasn't hard enough."

"The seat is yours" Roland responded with a smile "and don't feel too bad about the idioms, I'm FROM Earth and I don't understand them all. If you want a real challenge try looking up Cockney rhyming slang."



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