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Longest 24 (Part 1)

Posted on Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 2:28pm by Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe & Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings
Edited on on Mon Oct 15th, 2018 @ 11:55am

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: USS Valkyrie - Main Brig, Deck 52
Timeline: 2389/01/01 - 0810

To say the trip down from the Bridge on 21 to the Brig on 52 was uncomfortable would have been a vast understatement. Still, the guards knew their duty and comfort was seldom, if ever, part of it. And so, they did their job with silent efficiency. Upon arrival at the Brig, Jennings and Zek were logged into the system and led to separate rooms where they were stripped of gear, including combadges, and searched. There was no conversation; this wasn't a process intended to humanize or comfort ... and with their own Chief being the subject, no one was about to do anything to incur her wrath later.

Once processed, the guards led the two officers to one of the immaculate, never before used, cells in the Valkyrie's brig. Once they had stepped inside the cell, the force-field was snapped on and that was about that. During the officers' brief incarceration, a pair of guards would be on duty and of course, anything that happened inside the cell would be recorded and logged.

Ba'zra knew that the next 24 hours would be long ones. She did not like the Xindi and while she knew that Ronan expected her to apologize or at least make nice with the bug, she was not about to do so. Worse, he actually filed a reprimand against her. She might have just gotten to Chief of Security but she was pretty sure that she would not get higher than that in her career now. Damn her Klingon temper! Damn the bug! Damn everyone! Thankfully, her staff said nothing. They probably knew that the first one to say anything would be getting the worst end of it when she was out. If anyone even thought about it after she was out, she was likely to do the same.

She wanted her Daqtagh to flip but that was gone. She felt naked and vulnerable and she was not going to let the bug see that. She found a bed in the corner and curled up on it.

Looking around the cell Konebak let his mind drift into thought as he knew it would be a long while before anyone let them out. "I've no one to blame but myself for losing control again damn it." He thought to himself. He sat on the floor crossing his legs he looked at one of his hands extending his talons again pondering what he would have done if it not for Ronan showing up. He let out a deep sigh as he retracted his talons, he knew he had to apologize or this cell would become a bloody mess before the twenty-four hours were up. "I'm sorry." He said while still looking around the cell he would pause for a second and repeat himself "I'm sorry I shouldn't have lost control like that."

Ba'zra uncurled and silently growled in Konebak's direction. "No, you shouldn't have," she finally grunted.

Twitching slightly from the growl behind him Konebak continued to stare at the desk out side the cell so he wasn't looking at Ba'zra. "You know you didn't make my arrival easy and your not making it easy to apologize." He said with his right hand in the air moving it back and forth as he spoke to show his intent while he wasn't looking at her.

"My job was not to make your arrival easy. My job is the security of this ship. To make matters worse, you got both of us in trouble. You think that an apology is just going to make everything better?" Ba'zra continued to growl, bearing her human teeth but her angry words came out calmly.

"Says the one who pulled the knife and growled over the comm, you were no better than me." He said in a mocking tone well trying ignore her growling. "I'm just trying to do the right thing and apologize, after all when we are done here we will need to be able to work together." As he spoke the very idea of working with this woman worried him he didn't want to cause trouble but he doubted the fact that they would be very good co-workers.

Ba'zra rolled her eyes. "I pulled out my Daqtagh and started flipping it. I did not point it at you. I did not throw it at you. I did not even threaten you with it. If I wanted to use it against you, trust me, you would be dead." She growled and turned away. "I always flip my Daqtagh to think."

"YOU FLIP IT TO THINK, WHAT KIND OF STUPID!" He paused before he could say anything worse and stood up readjusting his shirt. "You should probably find a different way to think because most people would take you pulling out a knife as a threat."

"You certainly have an odd way of offering an apology. Insulting someone. Did you learn your manners from a Tellarite?" Ba'zra countered.

"And you have a wonderful way of introducing yourself to others, I could only wonder how many love it when you growl in the there face or over the comms before you meet them. You must be a real people-pleaser." Konebak said with an abundant amount of sarcasm. Konebak walked towards the force-field and looked at one of the officers outside the cell. "How much longer must I be in here?"

"I am not here to please you or anyone else." She then quickly amended, "while on duty." After a short pause, Ba'zra continued, "Until 24 hours are completed. If it has been an hour, I would be surprised. Perhaps I could practice my growls at you, since you admire them so much." There was actually a note of pleasure or pride in her voice when she mentioned her growls.

Konebak gave his head a quick shake as he heard her finish her sentence. "I mean no offence but I really don't want to know about your off duty habits." He turned around slowly with a confused look on his face as he continued to speak. "I don't even want to know what you mean by practicing your growls on me." Walking to the wall he laid down on the floor and began doing sit ups while he waited. "I might as well use this time wisely."

"Sounds like ignorance is where you like to be. No wonder you got us both in this fix," Ba'zra countered with a growl, her pearly white human teeth bared at him.

"As the earthlings of old used to say ignorance is bliss. Sometimes it's better to not know somethings and this is one of them." Konebak said while trying to ignore her growl, he suddenly felt his antenna twitch. "You growl a lot either you're a very angry person or..." Pausing and realizing the only other time Klingons growl this promptly is for sexual attraction. "Never mind you're probably an angry person, a very angry person, yeah that's it a very angry person indeed." He said as he suddenly began doing his sit ups even faster.

Perhaps surprisingly to Konebak, Ba'zra started laughing. "You know what they say about making assumptions.... That's the one thing you seem to be very good at doing!" She laughed harder as she watched the bug doing sit ups.

"I guess I am good at that, but you're no better. after all you did assume I was a spy after only just meeting me and i do believe the federation follow the innocent until proven guilty rule of law." He said with a smirk on his face. Finding himself growing tired he stood up and walked over to the empty bed. Konebak stretched his arms out and yawned. "Sleeping might make this go by faster."

Ba'zra shook her head, laughing derisively. "I did not assume that. I was told by my commanding officer to be suspicious of you. I did my job. You, on the other hand, got out of control."

Laying in the bed he turned to Ba'zra and spoke with caution but assertion. "Your right i did lose control and that's why i apologized, BUT! Ronan gave us both trouble I do believe he said your job was to find out with evidence that i was a spy and you acted as if I was already guilty of being a spy."

"Again, my job," Ba'zra replied angrily. She growled and looked away from the bug. He did not need to know the additional pain she suffered from her boyfriend, if he still was that, reprimanding her.

Grinning as she turned away from him, he spoke with a slightly cocky attitude. "You know, the commander's right; you do let people get under your skin to easily" letting out a slight chuckle at the end of his words



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