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Old Comrades New Ship [Part 2]

Posted on Wed Dec 26th, 2018 @ 3:12pm by Captain (Marine) Roland Hallowes & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Bridge, USS Valkryie
Timeline: 2 January 2389 - 0800


"The seat is yours" Roland responded with a smile "and don't feel too bad about the idioms, I'm FROM Earth and I don't understand them all. If you want a real challenge try looking up Cockney rhyming slang."


"I do not feel up to the challenge," Ronan said quietly. "There barely seems space enough to breathe. Studying will have to wait, I'm afraid. Have you had the chance to look at the ship?"

"I've been here quite a bit the last couple of days, but I've only seen the shuttle bays and the corridors leading to the mezzanine level of the bridge" Roland smiled as he replied. "So probably about half of 1 percent of the ship but I'm looking forward to exploring. Last nine years I've been stationed on Galaxy refits, the change of scenery is much appreciated."

"Its huge," Ronan said as he gestured vaguely about the bridge that was so different. "Starfleet has changed the design a great deal." He nodded down toward the unusual design of the bridge. "Its intended to be a mobile command base. Missions will be handled, I suspect, through the attached vessels, the Pearl and the Mako."

"Two attached vessels" Roland replied his eyebrows raising and his jaw dropping a little. "Given the specs on this ship at least one of them has to be a Defiant class ship, is the other a Prometheus class."

Ronan pursed his lips for a moment as he dredged up the information. "Mako is a Defiant. The Pearl is a Diligent class. Ever flown either?"

Roland's focus shifted to a distant unseen star for a moment before replying. "I haven't served on either class but I have logged some hours on a Defiant while I was catching a lift, thanks to an old friend from the academy. The Diligent I've only flown in a holodeck simulator. i like to be familiar with as many classes of ships as I can. "I've even logged some hours on a Klingon Bird of Prey sim."

"Well, Major, I'll leave you to your tour then," Ronan said. "I'm afraid I have a lot to do between now and departure."

"Rodger that commander" Roland replied as he pushed himself off the railing. "Next stop on the tour, sickbay, where I'm sure they've come up with a few new ways to probe" Roland continued a smile appearing on his face as he turned to leave.

Ronan chuckled. "Better you than me," he said. "Talk to you soon, Major ... and ... good luck in Sickbay."

"Rodger that sir" Roland replied around a chuckle. "I think while I'm there I'll do a little probing of my own" Roland said over his shoulder as he headed for the turbolift. "Computer, take me to sickbay please."


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