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Battle Scars

Posted on Wed Sep 26th, 2018 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant Marcus Alexander, MD

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: CMO's Office
Timeline: 02 January 2389 - 1109

Dr. Alexander was sitting at his new desk with a PADD in his hand. He was going over the multiple reports lying on his desk. This new ship's medical facilities were the equivalent to a large hospital. Only starbases had facilities this size. Perhaps it was all the work of being Chief Medical Officer or all the events that had taken place over the past few months, but Marcus had not been feeling himself. Marcus threw the PADD in his hand down on the desk. "Computer begin log entry."

"Chief Medical Officer's personal log stardate 66001.2. The Valkyrie is a beauty ship, almost the size of a starbase, and these medical facilities are quite impressive. Starfleet has for sure out done itself this time. Don't get me wrong the Columbus was quite a ship but nothing like this. I almost don't feel like I have the administrative experience to be Chief Medical Officer on such a fine ship. Yet I am honored with the position and the opportunity to serve again with many of the officers that were on board the Columbus. I still have dreams about the horrors of that day. Those uniforms are still stained with the blood of my comrades. I have seen the face of death so many times, but this was by far the worst. Screams continue to haunt my dreams. So many we could not save, so many with severe injuries who would never serve Starfleet again. I thought my stay on Raeya III would be a relaxing vacation, but I was wrong. While see my family over the Holiday season was a great experience, it opened up old wounds."

Marcus then lend back in his chair and took a deep breath before he continued. "Mother and father are still the same, but to hear all the bad news about my brother James was heart breaking. Divorcing his wife and going rogue was not something I had expected. I also thought of James as the conservative family type. Hearing that he had joined a mercenary group brought chills down my spine. I know how bad father must have felt being an Admiral and now his son was a criminal to the Federation. Perhaps our paths will cross again one day. I had not expected to see my old love Mary, and how she had ascended to power. She was never the ruling type, but she has grown with age. Also I never expected to be drawn into a plot by Sector 31 to bring her to power. That all ended in a blood bath. For a moment there I thought Mary and I could be back together, but Sector 31 and the Enlightenment ended all that. Now all I have of her are our memories."

Marcus stopped. A tear had started to form in his right eye. One of which he quickly wiped away. "Now, I come back to my starbase to find Commander Tora being court martialed for the loss of the Columbus. So stupid! How could he have known that the Orion Syndicate would try to steal the transwarp core. I still believe this is an inside job and will probably never know who caused those events, but if I ever find out it will be hard to do no harm. Commander Ronan is in command. I have yet to report in to him, he's always so busy, and I am too." The chime of the doorbell hang. "End log. Come in," he said.

A young female Caitian female walked into the officer carrying a PADD. "Personnel reports for you to look over, sir," she said as she extended her hand.

Marcus took the PADD from her hand. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Wow, 662 medical staff, I wasn't expecting that many."

"A big ship needs lots of people," she said with a smile. Marcus returned the smile.


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