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Longest 24 (Part 2)

Posted on Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 @ 7:55pm by Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe & Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: USS Valkyrie - Main Brig, Deck 52
Timeline: 2389/01/01 - 0810


"Again, my job," Ba'zra replied angrily. She growled and looked away from the bug. He did not need to know the additional pain she suffered from her boyfriend, if he still was that, reprimanding her.

Grinning as she turned away from him, he spoke with a slightly cocky attitude. "You know, the commander's right; you do let people get under your skin to easily" letting out a slight chuckle at the end of his words.


Ba'zra laughed easily at that. "Pot calling the kettle black," she replied snickering.

Confused by her statement Konebak sat up looking at Ba'zra. "Pot calling the kettle what? What are you talking about, I swear you Klingons never make any sense." He said while shrugging his shoulders.

"Human saying," she answered back simply. "Basically saying that you are calling someone something similar to yourself."

"HA!" He laughed loudly before speaking. "You really don't know much about my species do you? First you insulted my age and maturity clearly showing you don't realize we live a mere 35-40 years and mature by our late teens and now you show that you don't realize we Xindi-Insectoids are easily antagonized by shouting and insults."

"Sounds like you're just making excuses to me," Ba'zra observed. "Controlled by your nature rather than taking responsibility for your actions. Convenient," she taunted.

"Don't forget Klingon the minute I mentioned you were a dishonorable coward you acted on you instincts to, I'm far from perfect and i'm trying to fix it but you didn't hold back either." Konebak hissed at the end of his words. "And taunt me not for you maybe disarmed but my claws and mandibles can still rip you to pieces." He said in a condescending tone.

"And still you continue," Ba'zra replied with a growling smile. Go ahead. Try. I'll have you off this ship in no time. "Still making threats, on camera no less. Really smart. I'm not sure how you made it through StarFleet training since you are controlled so. Besides, you would not stand a chance against me."

"Hmm maybe you're not Klingon after all real Klingons like to fight, in anger, love and friendship they fight but not you." He scoffed at her and laid back down to sleep. "Maybe i'll convince you to spar with me when we are both off duty some time, i'll warn the med-bay to prepare a bed for you." He laughed as he finished speaking.

"I fight plenty but you are petaQ. I am done with you."

So the hours dragged as they tried to sleep the hours away, they would occasionally wake up and would argue and spat with each other. It seemed like there would be no end to their torture of being caged with one another until the twenty four hours had finally ended and one of the security guards released them both out of the cell.

Konebak with one last glance at the cell and Ba'zra grinned. "It's about time now i'm free the nightmare that is that cell and the hell of being stuck in there with her." He stretched and headed toward the door. "I've got work to do and I'm sure the Doctor is tired of waiting for me to do my examination."

The guards remained at their station. Three shifts now had listened to the two officers' harangue and while their demeanor was entirely professional, word spread quickly in the way that such words always do. And if the cell's occupants were happy to be released, it could be argued that no one was more happy than the guards who had been forced to listen and keep watch.

Ba'zra exited and gave a menacing look at her, once again, underlings. She tapped her commbadge and asked the computer, as she left, =/\= Location of Commander Channe. =/\= Wherever he might be, she knew that they were about to have their first fight.


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