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Posted on Fri Oct 26th, 2018 @ 7:57pm by Lieutenant Marcus Alexander, MD & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: XO Office - Deck 20
Timeline: 1 January 2389 - 1515

The corridors of th Valkyrie seemed endless. To Marcus, these hallways seemed to go on forever. Marcus navigated these corridors with a PADD full of reports in his hand. He was headed to the First Officer’s Office. The last time he had seen Ronan, he was acting XO. Marcus had seen very few of the senior staff since he returned. Things had changed. Marcus walked up to the office door and pressed the button on the corridor wall. He could hear the traditional chime ringing from inside the door. He took a deep breath waiting for a response.

Ronan looked up at the chime and called out, "Enter." With the Chief Engineering Officer and the Chief Security Officer in the brig (and he assumed still arguing), the Bridge had returned to the quiet you'd expect of a ship that wasn't underway. He looked up to see the ship's Chief Medical Officer enter and nodded. Not quite a greeting but then, given the material he'd been reviewing since ordering two of the senior staff to the brig, it could, perhaps be understandable. "Doctor," he said, and realizing the gruffness of his tone amended it somewhat as he added, "What can I do for you?"

Marcus stood at a position across the desk from Ronan. He handed a PADD across the desk. “Medical and Biological Science Department status report, sir.” Marcus cocked his head to the side hearing the XO’s gruffness. “Something the matter, sir?” he asked. Rumors had already started to buzz around the ship about the incident on the bridge.

"Haven't even launched yet," Ronan said as he accepted the report and took a cursory glance. "Still in the process of getting everyone and everything .. settled in ... how about you? Any issues I should know about?"

“None in my departments, everything these to be running smoothly,” Marcus said. “You seem extra stressed. A little bird even told me that you put two senior bridge officers in the brig?”

Ronan nodded. "Yes, I did. The Chief Engineer and our Chief of Security, no less." He ran his fingers through the tangle of his shoulder-length hair and shook his head. "They are both entrenched in their positions which doesn't bode well for a good working relationship going forward."

“And the Klingons or Xindi aren’t known for their mild tempers. Just hope they don’t kill each other,” Marcus laughed.

"No, they are not," Ronan said. "But then again, we are Starfleet officers and we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. Should we all unleash aggression at the slightest provocation? How about when we are on a first contact mission? Or when we have a Gorn ambassador on board? I must be able to trust in the senior staff's ability to hold their emotions and personal issues in check. We serve a greater good here."

"While that is true, it's what makes Starfleet different without our individuality we are no different from the Borg. But...even I know certain lines don't need to be crossed. Hopefully, they will learn to work together. I have no ambition of pulling a d'k'tahg out of our Xindi's exoskeleton. We might have to lock them in their quarters during any first contact mission," the doctor laughed.

Ronan shook his head slightly and, shifting the subject, said, "How are you doing on the medicals for crew members reporting in?"

“Good so far, wish I had more staff. We finished most of them, thought it was gonna take forever,” Marcus sighed. “Still a few officer’s physicals to complete, but that list is quite short compared to this time on the Columbus.”

"That's good to hear. Once the Captain reports aboard, I want to be ready to depart as quickly as possible."

“Don’t we all. Have you heard anything from him?” Marcus asked.

"Not a word," Ronan said. "They'll want to know what happened to the ship and I'm preparing a report with details of my own investigation. And ... though I've asked ... no word has been forthcoming."

“I’ve just been worried about him. It usually doesn’t take this long. I was questioned by the Admiralty twice while on Starbase 611. I just hope they don’t plan on throwing him in under the bus,” Marcus sighed.

"There's not much we can do other than continue preparing the ship for launch. I'll get in touch with the Admiralty and find out how they want to proceed. One way or the other, there is work for this ship to do and its time we got about doing it."

“We’ll have this ship in ship shape before his big return. Guess I’ll head back to sickbay. You need anything?” The doctor inquired.

"Nothing that I can think of," Ronan said as he leaned back in his seat. "I'm writing up a final report on my investigation into the saboteur along with my recommendations for further action. After that, there's nothing much to do except wait for the Captain. I do have one question though ... what's a bus?"

“Just a figure you speech. Just hoping that the Admiralty don’t point fingers at Tora. Can’t afford to lose him, not now for sure.”

Ronan nodded. "Agreed. Let's just hope that Starfleet feels the same way."


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