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Lost Souls, Part I

Posted on Wed Oct 31st, 2018 @ 12:03am by Lieutenant Marcus Alexander, MD

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Starbase 611 - Deck 21 Canteen
Timeline: 02 January 2389 - 2200

The Canteen was dimly lit, and Marcus was sitting relaxed at the bar in the back. He had left his Starfleet uniform in his quarters on the Valkyrie. He had pulled his black leather bomber style jacket from his trunk, wearing it gave Marcus a sense of mystery. He had been neglecting his appearance his the Columbus was destroyed and his time in the Raeyan sector. His hair was longer, coming down about half-way down his ears and his black beard had started to take shape. Marcus knew that Starbase 611 was on the edge of Federation space and the characters in the Canteen would be an interesting group.

As he was sitting on the bar stool, a blue-skinned humanoid female with fire red hair in a beehive style as behind the bar walked over to Marcus and asked, "What's your poison, handsome?"

Marcus looked up, "Denevian mead," he replied. The bartender pulled a glass from in under the bar and poured a light amber liquid from a nearby bottle. Marcus watched intensely until the glass was filled and the bartender handed him the glass. He took a quick sip of his drink then slowly slipped into his seat.

Then Marcus heard a roar of patrons as a group of figures entered the room. One of a young Klingon who Marcus could tell was for glory, another a green-skinned muscular Orion male, and a pale, blue Andorian male with white hair. His left antenna had been removed somehow. The group could be heard throughout the bar, and they made their way over to the corner table. The Klingon yelled, "Bloodwine!" The bartender rolled her eyes and handed three bottles of Bloodwine to the small Tellarite waitress who scurried over to the table.

Marcus lend in towards the bartender who was now standing in front of him, "what's with those guys?" he asked the bartender.

"That's Terral. His house was dishonored after the Dominion War, and now he works as a privateer, but many claim he's part of the Orion Syndicate."

"Hmm. Interesting," Marcus said. He then turned to look at the group, but to his surprise at his eye level was a Klingon chest.

"You look familiar human..." Terral said.

"We've never met," Marcus responded, but the tone in his voice was extremely sarcastic. This did not go over well with the Klingon.

The Klingon took a big sniff of the air. "You smell like Starfleet... you must have been one of the cowards on that giant garbage tug. Didn't you learn, the last Starfleet ship in this area was turned in a big burning ball of fire. This area belongs to the Syndicate, and your kind is not welcome here." The Klingon placed his hand on Marcus's left shoulder.

"Get your hand off of me, mister. The last time I checked this was a Federation facility."

The Klingon growled, and Marcus stood to face him. "Gentleman," the bartender said, "take this outside or I'll have to call Starfleet security."

Marcus turned to disengage the Klingon when the Klingon's grip on his shoulder increased. The next thing Marcus remembered was the Klingon's forehead impacting his. Marcus dropped back as an array of stars spun in his vision. Dazed and confused, Marcus began to fight for his life. The Klingon then charged him. Canteen patrons dropped to the floor and in under tables. Some even jumped behind the bar. Marcus fought back, and he and the Klingon entered up face to face with each.

"You insult my honor," the Klingon roared.

Looking into the Klingon's eyes, "I did nothing to insult your honor, petaQ," Marcus replied. Anger could be seen all over the Klingon's face. He raised back to strike a downward blow at Marcus. This was Marcus's chance in a split second, Marcus took the lower palm of his right hand and thrust it upwards into the Klingon's nose. The cracking of bone could be heard as the Klingon's nasal bone was being thrust into his cranial crest by Marcus's hand. Blood spurted from the Klingon's nose, and he fell back. This was a weak spot on the Klingon's head if Marcus had been a centimeter to the left the bone was have penetrated his brain, and the Klingon would be dead. The Klingon stepped back with his head down. Marcus smiled, but his victory was short lived as the Orion and Andorian lunged him. Marcus's shoulders were pressed against the bar. The Orion on the left and Andorian on the right, he was there. Every wiggle made their grip tighter. The Klingon was now standing up still with blood coming from his nose. He walked up to where the others were holding Marcus and punched him in the stomach. Marcus grunted.

"Not so brave now, are you Starfleet?" the Klingon said.

"You punch like a girl," Marcus quickly came back at the Klingon.

The Klingon growled as he pulled a d'k'tahg from his waist. "Hold him while I cut this petaQ's belly from side to side." The Klingon smiled as he prepared to cut. Marcus saw his life flash before his eyes or what he thought was his life.

"Cut him and die, Klingon," a deep male voice said. The Klingon stopped in his path and turned around.

"Who do you think you are to tell me what to do," The Klingon turned around and saw a male figure silhouette whose identity was shrouded by the light from the outside corridor. There was what appeared to be a female figure standing to his left.

"I'm not going to tell you again, Klingon," the figure said.

"Fuck you," the Klingon said as he raised his d'k'tahg to throw it at the figure. Before the Klingon could a blast of green light filled the poorly lit room. The Klingon looked down as his body started to vaporize. The Orion and Andorian quickly dropped Marcus and ran out the side door of the Canteen. Marcus dropped to his knees.

Then two Starfleet security officers enter the establishment with phaser pistols drawn. They pointed the phasers at the figure and Marcus. "You three are under arrest."

The female figure stepped forward. Marcus at first thought she was human but then realized by her dark eyes, she was a Betazoid. And she was like no Betazoid that Marcus had ever seen before. She placed her left-hand o her temple. "You won't arrest us. We are not the ones you are looking for, " she said. The security guards had a look of confusion on their faces as they lowered their phasers and left the canteen heading in the direction of the Orion and Andorian.

Marcus still on his knees looked up. He was still dazed and confused. The figure made his way towards Marcus. He squatted down towards Marcus. The figure extended his hand to help Marcus up. "Looks like your big brother was here to save you yet again."

Hearing those words, a sense of shock came over Marcus and all he could do was stare at the face of his older brother.



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