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Time to Palaver

Posted on Fri Nov 30th, 2018 @ 5:26pm by Commander Milo Tora & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe & Civilian Neomi Chae

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Phoenix (Formerly the Raven)
Timeline: 2 January 2389 - 1810

Neomi was done with pretense. Nearly dying at the hands of a saboteur/spy and being accused of crimes she didn't commit based on no evidence whatsoever by a gorram piece of gosei with all attitude and little in the way of brains had left her in a bad mood and with a lot to consider. She'd spent the last two weeks or so on cargo runs. Simple work that left her with plenty of time to think and work on her ship. The Raven, a name that she now considered to be a name rife with ill-omen, was gone. Replaced by the Phoenix; to her mind, that fit. Like her, the ship had been through its share of near-death experiences and it had all left her wondering ...

Just how many more miraculous escapes do I have left in me?

What she'd come down to was this. No more running and no more games. If someone wanted to find her, then they'd no where to look for her. Right here on her ship and if they meant trouble, well, then, trouble was what they would find. She'd made a few improvements to the ship with her profits from the cargo run and was even considering taking on a first mate. There were two contenders, the Klingon philosopher or the sunny space gypsy. Decisions, decisions.

At the moment, she was back at Starbase 611 having just dropped off the last of the cargo. It had been fortuitous that there were those who had needed her services. It had been purely helpful to be doing a job; in other circumstances, she might have offered to help but the truth was that being put in jail for no good reason rankled. She expected that sort of treatment in her line of work and she was prepared for it. What she hadn't expected was that sort of treatment at the hands of Milo's crew. She had foolishly extended the good will she felt toward him toward his crew ... that wasn't going to happen again.

[Starbase 611, Deck 19, Guest Quarters]

Sitting at the desk in his temporary quarters aboard Starbase 611, Milo finished up with the last of the personnel transfers and requisition orders. There was one last matter he needed to attend to before reporting to the Valkyrie, "Computer, what is the location of Emerson Poe?"

"There is no Emerson Poe aboard the Starbase," the computer responded after a moment.

"Odd," Milo thought out loud, "Computer, display a list of all civilian vessels currently berthed at the Starbase. Include name, class, arrival time, departure schedule, origin, and destination."


A few seconds later, Milo's terminal chirped as the requested information began to scroll down the screen. He scanned the list of ships for a while, until something caught his eye, "Stop." There was another chirp as the text scrolling on the screen froze, "Computer, what is the location of the SS Phoenix?"

"The SS Phoenix is currently docked in shuttle bay 2," came the computer's synthesized response.

"Very good." Grabbing the lone PADD on the desk, Milo stood and strode briskly out the door.

[A few minutes later, Deck 49, Shuttle Bay 2]

Arriving in the designated shuttle bay, Milo quickly spotted a familiar shape, though it bore an unfamiliar name. Stepping up the boarding ramp, he stopped at the top and banged on the airlock hatch, his prosthetic hand producing a loud, echoing metallic sound, and waited.

After a couple of minutes, the hatch opened and a familiar face came into view. "Well," she said as she gestured inward, "come on in. Got a bottle set aside that I think you might enjoy. If you have the time and all."

"Oh, there's always time for a drink," Milo replied as he stepped through the airlock and into the ship. "So, the Phoenix?"

She led him into the larger common area and motioned for him to sit on a long sofa that had seen better days. After a moment, she came back with a bottle and two glasses and poured for them both and then settled into one of the facing chairs. "Its ... uh ... an old Earth legend ... a bird that goes through fire and rises out of its own ashes. Thought it fitting and well, the Raven turned out to be ill-omened." She took a sip and sighed with pleasure. "Time for a change." She lifted the glass as she cocked her head slightly to one side. "What do you think? This is called 'Old Particular' ... some of the finest scotch made on Earth I heard tell."

"Earth has some strange stories," Milo replied as he settled onto the couch and accepted his glass. He swirled the liquid around a bit before taking a sip. "That is quite good. Shame there's not enough time before we depart to get a few casks from Earth." Setting the glass down, he pulled out a PADD, "I have the berth assignment for the Phoenix..." he tapped the screen a few times as he changed the ship's name, "A prime location with priority launch clearance." He offered the PADD to Neomi.

She accepted the PADD, scanned it, and then looked up at Milo. "Am I gonna have trouble with that piece of gosei you call a Security Chief?"

"It's a big ship, but I can't guarantee you won't cross paths occasionally," he picked up his glass a took a sip, "But you've passed all the new security checks, so there shouldn't be any issues."

"Like I wouldn't," she said with a soft chuckle as she tucked her legs up beneath her, drink cradled in one hand, resting on her thigh. "Done enough work for Starfleet over the years, ain't I?" Her eyes glittered with unspoken mischief as she thought about the crates safely tucked into the hold. "Thinking about taking on a first mate," she said after a moment. "What do you think? Klingon philosopher or space hippie. And for the record," she added with her glass poised halfway to her lips, "that was her phrase. I have no idea what a hippie is ... "

"A first mate? You?" Milo chuckled as he sipped his drink, "What's next, a career in Starfleet?" He laughed, "Definitely the Klingon. You'd probably shoot the hippie halfway through your first run together."

Neomi who was slowly turning the glass as it rested on her thigh chuckled. "Probably true and the Klingon can have other uses though he does like to run his mouth a might. As for Starfleet, you know me. Never could stand all that saluting and bowing. So tell me, Milo, we ever going to get to the Delta Quadrant?"

"The transit window is the ninth; we'll leave for the wormhole on the seventh. Fleet Yard says all supplies and equipment will be transferred and stowed by the fifth." He downed the last of his beverage, "It's a little tighter schedule than I'd like, but it's doable. Does this mean you're staying on?"

"I keep my word," Neomi said quietly. "And you and I came to terms before all this started. Don't take kindly to your Chief's actions, what with her being without cause and all, but we're solid. Just tell me were you want me to park my ship and I'll go collect my first mate."

Milo smiled, "Good. Everything's on the PADD. Just make sure you're onboard before the seventh. Wouldn't want you to get left behind."

She nodded. "I'll be there in time," she said. "Soon as I get the whole first mate issue settled. Figurin' its a good idea to have someone to watch the ship when I can't be aboard."

"Probably not a bad idea after that whole chameloid incident," Milo laughed as he stood up. "Hey, I don't suppose you could get anymore of that special sauce before we ship out? I know it's last minute, but we lost most of what we had with the Columbus' stardrive..."

"The ale," Neomi asked. "Now you know I didn't give you my entire supply and I might know someone who can scrounge up a bit more. Let me work on it and I'll get back to you."

Milo nodded, "I look forward to hearing from you."


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