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A Giant Bug Zapper

Posted on Mon Dec 24th, 2018 @ 10:36pm by Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek & Lieutenant Maria Martinez

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Engineering
Timeline: 2389/01/02 - 1100

Finally done all his exams with the all to nice doctor and no longer worrying about the Klingon Witch of a security officer, Konebak decided to make his way down the the engineering section of the ship. "Computer!" He yelled out excitedly. "What deck is main Engineering."

"Main engineering is on Deck 58."

Konebak ran to the nearest turbolift pushing people out of his way left and right. "Excuse me, Pardon me, Get out of the way!" He yelled as he jumped in the lift and immediately blurted out. "DECK 58 MAIN ENGINEERING!" He couldn't wait he was finally going to see his beautiful warp core. The lift began to move and he couldn't stop himself from jumping around and doing a bit of a happy dance as he made it to the deck the doors slid open and he was spotted by some of the staff doing the Xindi version of the Macarena in the lift. Quickly stopping as he spotted the core his mandibles dropped open.

Feeling drawn to it he walked towards the core completely ignoring the fact that they were running a diagnostic on the engines. When suddenly he tripped a safety alarm as he smashed his face off a force field that appeared before him. "I meant to do that I swear, I'm just testing you all on you're readiness for real emergencies."

"Excuse me," Martinez said, looking up from the propulsion diagnostics console with an unamused expression on her face, "This area is for authorized personnel only. Please leave before I call Security..."

A look of horror appeared on his face as he thought about being thrown in a cell a second time in less then twenty-four hours. "NO, NO WAIT DON'T DO THAT I"M YOUR NEW CHIEF ENGINEER OFFICER!" He yelled in a panicked and quick tone. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Konebak Zek, you could say I've been held up a bit I arrived yesterday and am only making it to engineering now." He rambled on trying to explain himself.

"You're the new Chief?" Maria asked incredulously, "Things must be worse than I thought..."

"Do you want to repeat that Lieutenant I don't believe I heard you correctly." He said aggressively.

"Mind your tone, Lieutenant," Maria replied as she turned her attention back to the diagnostic, "You may be the Chief Engineer, but I'm a full grade Lieutenant." She motioned toward the pool table, "The current status reports are available if you wish to review them..."

Lowering his voice so only Maria could hear him he held his anger back as he spoke. "You may be a grade higher then me but I am your superior as chief of engineering and you'll show me respect or i'll make sure to file your insubordination." Turning to the status report he was happy to see things were going well. "Looks like we are doing well, how long till we are ready to go to warp. I'm sure the Commander will want to know when he can leave dock." He said curiously.

Martinez narrowed her eyes slightly at the thinly veiled threat, but didn't respond. She knew when to check her temper, unlike some people, it appeared. "We just started a level one pre-launch diagnostic on the propulsion systems. Presuming everything checks out, we'll have impulse and warp available in about three hours."

Grinning happy to hear somethings were finally going his way Konebak turned to Martinez. "That is good to hear, I'm sure we have one of the best engineering crew around so i'll expect this to be the regular." Sounding a little cocky as he spoke. "I have some reports to get done so i'll be in my office, if anything goes wrong or you have any problems let me know as soon as possible."

Maria resisted the urge to roll her eyes, "Of course, Chief. I'll send you the results once the diagnostic is completed."

Turning to his office he spoke with a bit glee and a way of his hand. "Good, that will be all Lieutenant."


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