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Posted on Sat Dec 15th, 2018 @ 8:25am by Lieutenant Marcus Alexander, MD & Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Holodeck 4
Timeline: 3 January 2389 - 1100

"Computer, locate Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings," Doctor Marcus Alexander asked the computer console.

"Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings is located in holodeck 4," the computer chimed.

Marcus began his journey throughout the corridors of the ship to holodeck 4. Commander Tora had asked the doctor to talk with the Chief of Security. She had been taking the loss of the Galaxy class Columbus hard. He knew that she would not talk to the ship's counselor and would need a different kind of approach.

[Holodeck 4, Deck 84]

Marcus approached the double doors of holodeck 4. He made a few inputs on the LCARS console just outside the door. The LCARS read, 'Klingon Calisthenic Program Alpha, Level 8.' He made a few more inputs into the console and the door opened. Marcus made a slow entrance and tried to stay out of view as the Chief of Security was battling several opponents at once.

Ba'zra was a whirl of motion. To an unskilled observer, Ba'zra looked out of control and was attacking with her meqleH recklessly. However, a keen observer would note that Ba'zra's hands and forms were highly skilled. Her method was to take on her opponents aggressively and to sacrifice defense. Opponent after opponent fell to her blade.

The moment that Marcus entered, however, she let her concentration slip. Ronan? she wondered. Unfortunately, a moment's hesitation in battle was all that was necessary. Ba'zra left her blind spot open and a skull faced opponent was coming in for the kill.

"Computer freeze program," Marcus said the instant before the skull faced opponent would have delivered his final blow. "A little distracted, Lieutenant?"

"Yes," Ba'zra complained. "By you. Who are you and what gives you the right to interrupt my exercise?" she growled, showing her all too human white teeth at Marcus.

Marcus raised his right eyebrow. He had been unimpressed by Ba'zra's growl. He hesitated resisting the urge to growl back. "Sorry to interrupt but we need to talk. Chief Medical Officer Doctor Marcus Alexander remember. Commander Tora wants you to have a crew physical and mental eval. Figured that now would be as good of a time as any. This holodeck program is one of my favorites. It should suffice as your physical. Care if I join you?"

"Yes, I care. I have no desire to share my exercise time with someone that is here to diagnose me. Now, if you will kindly leave." The word, "kindly" had a bit of a scowl in its pronunciation. "I will set up an appointment, if it is required."

Marcus was familiar with Klingon traditions and quickly thought of a way to get Ba'zra to agree. "Afraid, Klingon. I'm a Mok'bara Master and skilled with a bat'leth. Sure you're no match for me."

Ba'zra laughed hard at the doctor's statement. "You challenge me?" She grinned maniacally, showing her bright white human teeth gritted together. "Very well. I accept your challenge."

Looking ahead Ba'zra called out, "Computer. Discontinue this program. Set for a training gym. Oblige the Doctor with a bat'leth." The scene changed and a bat'leth was sitting on a rack near the Doctor. "Let us see if you can fight better than a Klingon child."

Marcus laughed as he picked up the bath'leth and gave it a swirl around. "Guess I can come down to your level... Computer begin program."

"I'll give you full marks for boasting," Ba'zra told him. "Perhaps I might not embarrass you." She twirled her meqleH with her small hands, took a warrior's stance and then gave Marcus a come hither signal. She knew that the bat'leth had greater reach but speed always killed, never mind the fact that the bat'leth was a more clumsy weapon than her meqleH.

Marcus again swirled his bat'leth testing the center of balance and preparing his attack. He lounged in a graceful style bringing his weapons towards Ba'zra's only to be blocked by her meqleH. While the two weapons were locked, Marcus took this opportunity to begin his inquiry. "Just out of curiosity," Marcus grunted as he was up against Ba'zra's strength, "why is a brave Klingon warrior in Starfleet and not the Klingon Defense Force? You seem to relate more to your Klingon half than human." Marcus broke free of her blade and whirled back and prepared for a defense stance.

Ba'zra laughed at Marcus' lazy strike. She responded with a lackadaisical block, waiting for some serious attacks. If this was the best he could do, which she doubted, she was going to hurt him badly. "You clearly have not read my dossier. If you want the answers to those questions, go there." Her hands whirled her blade and she twirled acrobatically as she struck to trip Marcus.

Marcus's blade bounced as the block her blow. Holding his own, he swirled and attack directly at her. Her meqleH clashed in the direct center of his bat'leth. The two weapons locked and the two were staring at each other. There eyes locked just as Marcus broke free of her blade. He swirled around and took a stance with his left knee slightly bend. "Are you a mute d'blok?" he insulted her in her native language.

Ba'zra's eyes no longer danced with amusement. They flared with anger. "Why you, HuH Qa'Hom! You dare come in here, interrupt my program and then insult me?! You will regret the day that your mother birthed you." Ba'zra charged in towards Marcus. IT was controlled and she was prepared to maneuver to strike once Marcus made his move. She knew Marcus' blood would be spilled, now.

Marcus laughed at the thought of being called a mouse. Marcus remained in a defense stance not moving after Ba'zra's charge. He sensed her anger starting to build up. "A true warrior never lets her anger control her, she uses it to her advantage." Marcus then prepared his assault. The assault was more of words instead of the bat'leth. "At least tell me why? How does a warrior find honor in throwing everyone in the brig? Even those who weren't on board when the Columbus when down. Being raised in a human world, you don't even know what true Klingon honor is. Instead of throwing people in the brig how about you looking for evidence instead of jumping to conclusion. I considered your actions more dishonorable than your mother's." Marcus lounged at Ba'zra his bat'leth at the ready. She braced with grace as he changed direction just before his blow. He tucked and rolled beneath the blade of the meqleH. He emerged from his roll just behind the Klingon and struck her unprotected back with the blunt hilt of his bat'leth. "Tora is no longer in command and Colonel Kebron won't tolerate your actions." Marcus regained his footing and took a strong defensive stance. He knew this would not go unpunished. "And Ronan won't be able to save you from this Colonel." Marcus raised his bat'leth and snarled mimicking Ba'zra's own snarl showing all his white teeth.

"Ronan doesn't save me for anything. I could care less who is in charge. And I've thrown nobody in the brig. Poor research! You're a quack, if you call yourself a counselor!" Laughing at Marcus, Ba'zra saw the defensive stance and grinned. He was at her mercy. The diminutive Klingon went on the attack. Hands spinning, she first took on one of Marcus' blocks. Anticipating the block, however, freed her leg to sweep his. She was now standing over him while he was on his back. She stabbed with her meqleH, forcing Marcus to move to a side. Again, anticipating that, she swiftly kicked Marcus in the face.

Marcus raised to his knees spitting blood from his mouth. He knew defeat. He quickly scanned over all his teeth with his tongue. 'All there,' he thought to himself. "I'm no counselor," he quickly informed her. "And I did my research, Lieutenant." He stood to his feet. He left his bat'leth on the ground. He would not need it for the remainder of this battle. "You threw Emerson Poe in the brig with no evidence. You have physically and verbally assaulted multiple fellow officers on various assignments in your Starfleet career resulting in demotions and reprimands. Furthermore I've spent just as much time around Klingons as you. Ten years of my life were spent on the Klingon planet of Cursa. Klingons control their anger better than you do. That is why you will report for mandatory anger management classes for the next six months. I'm sure you and the Counselor will get to know each other. As Chief Medical Officer if you fail to attend any of these classes without any approval, I will remove you from active duty, but I hope for your sake it doesn't come to that." Marcus wiped what little blood remained on his mouth away and started to walk off. He stopped and turned towards the lieutenant. "ylDoghQo" (Don't be foolish), he said to her.

"Computer, end program," a voice said. Marcus vanished in front of Ba'zra then soon the scenery transformed into a black silhouette. Walking out from where one of the rock formations had been was Dr. Marcus Alexander with PADD in hand. Ba'zra's opponent had been a hologram programmed to test not only her strength but her will. "I agree with the program's assessment. You have passed your physical assessment with flying colors, but that temper will get the best of you. Report to the Counselor January 5th at 0800 for your first anger management class." Marcus continued to review the PADD. He turned to walk out of the holodeck, but before he got to the doors he stopped. "Oh Lieutenant," he said. "If that had been the real me, you would have never won." He smiled and left the holodeck.

"Bull shit," Ba'zra called from behind him. She also called, "Anger management my ass. You can force me to go but you can't force me to do more than that. You're a quack. You know nothing about me."

Marcus made placed more documentation on his PADD as he exited the doors. “Name calling, violent outbursts, and then unprofessional like conduct. Jeeda will have fun with this one,” he said to himself but loud enough that Ba’zra could hear him.


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