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Betrayal of Trust

Posted on Wed Dec 12th, 2018 @ 4:06pm by Colonel Drass Kebron & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Captain’s Ready Room, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: January 3rd, 2389 10:15 hours

The Navy is horribly inefficient, Drass mussed as he carried a stack of PADDs over to the replicator to recycle. Three to four PADDs, hand delivered from each department...he couldn't imagine what it would be like if each of his Company Commanders hand delivered every report on a separate PADD. He'd never get any work done.

Returning to his desk, he tapped on his terminal and pulled up a personnel file. He took a moment to review it before tapping the comm. panel built into the desk, "Commander Channe, please report to the Ready Room."

Ronan dropped the last PADD with a satisfied grunt on the top of the outgoing pile. The crew had been vetted according to the upgraded security protocols and no new issues had been found. The ship, massive as it was, had been swept from top to bottom for alien technology and none had been found though he'd heard more than one remark about just how many nooks and crannies a ship of this size had when you came down to it. That opened up a window of time in which he could continue his investigation into whomever was behind the attack on the Columbus when the summons came in from the Ready Room in a voice he didn't recognized.

He surged to his feet and walked the short distance to the Ready Room, sparing a glance as he did so down at the Bridge which was still not at full capacity. Having been ordered to report, he entered and noted, with not a little surprise, that it wasn't Commander Tora behind the desk. "Commander Channe," he said as he stepped up to the desk, "reporting as ordered, Sir."

"Colonel Kebron," Drass introduced himself as he stood and shook Ronan's hand, careful not squeeze to hard. "Have a seat," he gestured to one of the two chairs situated in front of the desk before sitting back down. "No doubt I was not who you expected see occupying this office," he slid a PADD across the desk and gave Ronan a moment to look it over before continuing. "During the investigation into the destruction of the Columbus, it was discovered that Commander Tora was intoxicated in the hours immediately following the attack. Though the court martial cleared him of any culpability in the loss of the Columbus, it did convict him of intoxication while on duty. As a result, I have been given temporary command of the Valkyrie and Commander Tora has been demoted to Executive Officer..."

Ronan took a moment to take all that in. We had been investigating the death of our own, tracking the killer, and ... he was drunk? He tried to school his expression but the surprise was evident as was his own personal disgust at this news. And then, as the implications were being processed, the rest finally hit. "Executive Officer," he repeated. He stiffened slightly at that. To be removed from a position because he was not suitable in some way was one thing, to be removed as a way to give that position to someone who didn't deserve it, that was something else entirely. "I see," he said quietly. "I haven't had much time to settle in but I'll make sure its ready for Commander Tora."

"I wouldn't concern yourself with that, Mr. Channe, you are being reassigned," Drass slid another PADD across the desk. "As I'm sure you are aware, the Valkyrie has two escort vessels assigned to it. One of them is a new Diligent-class frigate, the USS Pearl. You are her new commanding officer."

Ronan accepted the PADD and gave the orders a look then returned his attention to the Colonel. "Thank you, Sir," he said. "I have questions ... for example, may I pick my own executive officer? And ... what about my duties to the Valkyrie? Do I ... still have any?"

"You may chose your XO. I believe Command included a short list of candidates with your orders," Drass replied. "Your official position on the Valkyrie will be as Second Officer. However, as I am a Marine and have limited experience commanding a starship, You and Mr. Tora will be handling the day to day operations of the vessel. Will that be a problem?"

"And his drinking," Ronan asked, a hard glint in his eye. His people did not drink though they were entirely sociable, spending time around the campfire at the end of a long day. The idea that someone would do such a thing given the situation on board the Columbus was ... reprehensible. A betrayal of trust. "I know enough, from my time in Starfleet, to know that people who drink can be very sly."

"Mr. Tora is being closely monitored and will be subject to randomized blood alcohol testing for the duration of his probation," Drass explained. "I have also ordered additional testing before any away missions and when he returns from any shore leave, should he be given the privilege."

He had learned in Starfleet that among many of the Federation worlds, one said what one was expected to say. An officer did his best to serve and he knew the answer he was supposed to give but Ronan, the honorable warrior, spoke truth to bureaucracy. It was his way. "To be honest, Sir, I'm not sure I can answer that question at the moment. I will do my best to serve the ship and the mission and, should that become impossible, I will let you know."

Drass nodded, "So noted. For the immediate future you'll have your hands full with the Pearl. Focus on that and let me handle Mr. Tora."

"Yes, Sir," Ronan said. "I'll report there directly. Is there anything else?"

"That is all, Commander," Drass replied, "Dismissed."


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