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There's a New Sheriff in Town, Part II

Posted on Tue Jan 8th, 2019 @ 11:55am by Colonel Drass Kebron & Commander Milo Tora & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe & Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings & Captain (Marine) Roland Hallowes & Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Senior Staff Conference Room, Deck 20
Timeline: January 3rd, 2389 13:05 hours


"I am Colonel Drass Kebron, Commanding Officer of the Marine Battalion attached to this vessel. You all are no doubt wondering why the Marine Battalion Commander has called a Senior Staff meeting. The short answer is that Commander Tora has been demoted to Executive Officer and I have been assigned as Commanding Officer until such a time that Commander Tora is deemed fit to command, or another commanding officer is assigned..."


"Additionally," Drass continued, "Commander Channe has been selected as the new commanding officer of the USS Pearl, a Diligent-class frigate assigned as one of the Valkyrie's two escort vessels. He will retain a position aboard the Valkyrie as Second Officer, which will allow Dr. Alexander to focus on running Sickbay." He turned to Ronan, "Have you chosen an XO?"

Ba'zra willed herself not to look at Ronan. Would he choose her because they were now mated? Would he not choose her just to make a point that there was no favoritism? Or, did he believe she fit the position? Doubt, something that had not filled her mind in many years, flooded it, now.

"Yes, Sir, I have," Ronan answered promptly, the PADD still held in one hand. "Lt. Jennings. I've chosen her as my XO."

Roland looked over at Lt. Jennings and nodded "Congratulations Lt." he said quietly as he began processing what he had just learned. One officer commits an offense so egregious he was relieved of command but is given the XO position of a ship with more personnel and equipment than ever existed on the Columbus. Arguably a position with more responsibilities than his last command. Another officer can barely keep her temper in check most days, arrests someone without probable cause, gets thrown in the brig for 24 hours and winds up as XO of a ship he thought. No wonder I've never made Major, I'm too squared away he thought as he turned his attention back to the mountain sitting at the head of the table.

Drass nodded, a stiff motion that more closely resembled an abbreviated bow, "Very well. Congratulations, Ms. Jennings." Turning his attention to Konebak, he continued with the briefing, "Mr. Zek, what is the status of launch preparations?"

Standing at attention, Konebak spoke with high respect for the Colonel. "Sir preparations are nearly complete, my staff were running some final diagnostics last night; I'm just waiting on those results as we speak. I would say we should be ready in two hours at most."

Ronan, who had a face born for poker ... if he had grown up on Earth and if he had any interest in games of chances (which he didn't) ... watched the Lieutenant report and marveled at the difference in his behavior. Not that he thought twenty-four hours in the brig had been a transformative experience for either of them. More like putting them on notice with respect to the standard of professional behavior that would be expected. And that got him to thinking about how things would be on the Pearl and just what standards he'd expected from his own crew ... once he had a crew together.

Ba'zra's heart leapt. Ronan chose her. Well, he already chose her but now he chose her again. Of course, she would ask him to make sure that he felt that she was the best choice. He would not lie to her but she wanted to make sure that he was thinking logically and not emotionally. She gave a small smile of satisfaction in the direction of the bug and politely but shortly thanked Drass for his congratulations.

Is that new chief engineer nerves or a cultural trait from his species Roland wondered as he continued observing. Can't remember anyone ever standing at attention to speak at briefing before. Of course I've never attended a briefing ran by a mountain before he thought as he waited for the Colonel to respond.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Drass replied to Konebek as he made a note on his PADD before turning his attention to his next victim. "Major Hallowes, status of the fighter group?"

With a nod Konebek took his seat again. Noticing the grin on Ba'zra's face as she stared at him he felt a shiver go up his spine. But he return the grin when he realized he would see a whole lot less of her as she moved to the Pearl.



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