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There's a New Sheriff in Town, Part III

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 3:54pm by Colonel Drass Kebron & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe & Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings & Captain (Marine) Roland Hallowes & Lieutenant Marcus Alexander, MD & Lieutenant JG Nathaniel Armani & Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Senior Staff Conference Room, Deck 20
Timeline: January 3rd, 2389 13:10 hours


"Thank you, Lieutenant," Drass replied to Konebak as he made a note on his PADD before turning his attention to his next victim. "Major Hallowes, status of the fighter group?"

With a nod Konebak took his seat again. Noticing the grin on Ba'zra's face as she stared at him he felt a shiver go up his spine. But he return the grin when he realized he would see a whole lot less of her as she moved to the Pearl.


At the sound of his name Roland turned his attention from the chief engineer to Col Kebron. "All squadrons are ready to deploy on your command, sir. All fighters and auxiliary craft have passed the maintenance groups inspections. With your permission Sir, I'll work with the senior officers of the MEF to schedule some joint training exercises on the holodecks."

"Very good, Major," Drass replied, again making a note on his PADD. "I'll have Major Sh'tivass get in touch with you to coordinate that." Looking around the table for his next victim, his eye's landed on Marcus. "Dr. Alexander, what's the condition of Sickbay?"

"Thank you, sir" Roland replied making a note on his PADD and turned his attention to the doctor.

Marcus glanced up from his PADD to look at his new CO. “The medical deck is fully operational. All five sickbay wards are fully stocked and staffed. 96% of crew members have completed their crew physicals. Also all emergency medical craft are ready for whatever the Delta Quadrant has in store for us.”

"Thank you, Doctor," Drass said with another stiff, bow like nod. "Send me a list of the personnel that have not completed their physicals. They have until oh-eight-hundred on the seventh to complete them, or they will not be accompanying us to the Delta Quadrant." He looked over his notes on his PADD and turned to the next officer on his list, "Lieutenant Armani, what's the readiness of flight control?"

[Bridge – Prior to Briefing Start]
Mesmerised. Nathaniel had exited the turbo-lift quickly halting to take in the vast view that was before him. A sight that no simulation would have ever prepared him for. He took a deep breath in as he took in the surroundings and began his walk across the short gantry onto the upper platform of the bridge. Approaching a large LCARS display, through the transparent screen he could see the Captain’s chair. More importantly though, through that transparent screen and past the Captain’s chair, he could see the seat that he would take. The Helm!

Regaining his own attention, he glanced around the room finding the door he needed for the briefing room. He was not one for being late, but on this occasion, he would be making it just in time.

[Senior Staff Conference Room – Present]
Having arrived just in time for the briefing start, Armani was able to discreetly move into the room and find a chair, barely being recognized. He listened intently to the officer conversations – it was clear some already knew each other, some better than others. Waiting to be called upon he continued to glance down at his PADD with vital information on.

His moment. “Sir. Flight Control stands ready for departure minus a few crew - they are expected to arrive late this evening. There are some last-minute holodeck drills I wish to do with the flight control team, but they come to us with good practical backgrounds and experience. Mainly training with maneuvering such a large craft.” Armani explained. “Shifting this bulk of metal will be a challenge indeed, the bow will shift port or starboard fairly easily – the stern will be left to catch up and if we are in close proximity to an object, this thing will take it out! But she will fly, when engineering gives us that power - that I am sure!” he said smiling hoping the update was satisfactory.

"Very good," Drass replied, tapping on his PADD, "Don't wait to schedule those drills. The holodecks are filling up fast." He turned to Baz'ra, "Lieutenant Jennings, what is the status of Security and Tactical?"

"All computers show systems within expected parameters. I have guards placed at Engineering and at the transporters. All weapons are secured or in the hands of authorized personnel. I will be running my own tests on the ship's systems to verify there has been no tampering." When she uttered the last word, she gave a sneer, remembering all too well what happened on Columbus. "I would rather be safe than sorry," she concluded.

Not realizing that Ba'zra wasn't trying to insult him Konebak stood up and slammed his fist on the table. "Don't trust me and my team, or is it just me. You seem to always be insulting me Klingon." Turning to Drass, Konebak spoke with confidence. "Sir the ships systems don't need a third check for tampering because I guarantee its beyond perfect."

Rather than the aggressive and belligerent tone that Ba'zra took before with The Bug, Ba'zra gave a small twinkling glance over at Ronan and settled into a voice that dripped with a mix of confidence, arrogance, and sultriness. Those who knew Ba'zra as a shouter might find this new tone unsettling. "Beyond perfect? Since when is there such a thing? Have you now gone and declared yourself a God? Flaw free? After all, I am sure there is nothing that you would want to cover up." The sarcasm and dripping voice caused her eyes to sparkle at Konebak when she uttered it.

She turned to Drass and continued, "Captain, if you do not wish me to complete my job as required and check the systems as Lieutenant Zek seems to be guaranteeing them, I will leave it to your authority. However, I would prefer to do my job as required by Starfleet dictates." In between she gave Ronan a nearly imperceptible wink.

At Konebak's outburst, Ronan willed himself not to respond, reminding himself sternly that this was no longer his concern, and so did not react. He turned toward his mate as she answered and hoped she felt the pride he had in her. For her, he knew, this was a large step forward. And while he couldn't say or do anything, he let his eyes tell the tale as he met her gaze for a lingering moment.

Ready for her response Konebak scoffed at Ba'zra's attempt to mock him. "I don't see my self as a God, I just believe in my team unlike you if I remember correctly everyone under you in security was scared of how you might punish them after your new CO put you and I in the brig." Turning to Ronan he took a shot at him as well. "You made a great choice in her as your Second a hot head that almost every one is scared to work with at least I won't have to deal with her anymore."

Marcus slowly slid down in his chair as the Chief Engineer's words flew across the table. 'Oh God,' he thought to himself. When he was first assigned to the ship, Marcus was considered the hot headed, illogical one. Now it looked like he was the stable one. Marcus made a gesture for Zek to stop his rant, but his cues were ignored. Hopefully the new marine commanding officer wouldn't completely squash the bug.

"ENOUGH!" Drass bellowed. The single, deafening word shook the deck plates and rattled the table as it resounded off the bulkheads. Pieces of shattered PADD fell from the massive Brikar's clenched fist, bounced off his perfectly polished boots, and scattered across the floor. "You are Starfleet Officers, NOT school children! You WILL conduct yourselves in a professional manner!" He glared torpedoes at Zek and Baz both. "One more outburst, quip, sarcastic remark, or excuse from EITHER of you, and you'll be scrubbing the latrines in the Marine barracks with a toothpick for the rest of the tour. DO. I. MAKE. MYSELF. CLEAR!?!" Placing his fists on the table, he leaned forward, as if daring them to push the matter further.

Konebak's antenna raised in surprise as he had to hold back his very nature he stood straight again and spoke with a quiver in his voice, the anger and nature to yell back when yelled at was trying to force it's way out. "My apologiiies Sir." His tongue slipping on the words as they came out of his mouth. Thinking it might be best if he stepped out to cool off before moving forward with the meeting Konebak spoke his Mandibles shaking with each word. "Sir may I be excused for a moment?"

Ba'zra was shocked at Drass' screaming at her. Had she not restrained herself? Had she not been professional in dissecting the Bug's absurd comments? In fact, she could think of no reason that the Bug took out anger on her. She was doing her job. She looked back at Ronan, allowing him to see the hurt in her eyes. When she turned back to Drass and the Bug, her eyes were cold and firm. She only uttered one word. He deserved no more. "Understood."

Drass straightened, leaving cracks in the tabletop where his fists had been, "We will take a ten minute recess. Dismissed."


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