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A Pilot Arrives...

Posted on Tue Jan 8th, 2019 @ 2:49pm by Lieutenant JG Nathaniel Armani

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Cargo Vessel - Heading to SB611
Timeline: January 3rd, 2389 09:20 hours - Arrival

“Nathaniel” roared a loud but petite female from one end of the cargo bay to the other.

Nathaniel, taken back by the unexpected boom of his name, glanced around looking back at the entrance thinking ‘what the hell?’ Only, turning around he saw an unfamiliar, but not unexpected site. “Rox?” he asked cautiously as he watched the figure bound over from the doorway.

Lieutenant Nathaniel Armani was the youngest of 4 children born to 2 Starfleet Officers. He and his siblings had Starfleet blood flowing through their bodies. Right now, he was departing for Starbase 611 for his new assignment but, his older, more ‘extrovert’ sister was about to make scene. Nathaniel stood at just over 6ft with an athletic physique – his sister on the other hand was quite the opposite. He went to the gym regularly and enjoyed running – his messy but organised hair made usually was his ‘stand out’ feature.

“Nathaniel… Mum said you was back in town.” She said impatiently with a grin stretched from one ear to the other. “She also said today was the day you departed for a new assignment” she exclaimed as she grabbed the cheeks on either side of his face and ruffled his hair – a huge dislike of his she took too much pleasure in exploiting. “Avoiding me, bro?”

Nathaniel stepped back – making a loud sigh in protest. He suddenly remembered his sister was never understanding of personal space. “How, Roxanne, could I ever avoid you?” he replied with a sarcastic tone in his voice. “The happy go lucky Starfleet officer everyone adores!”

She was quick to rebuff his accusation with one of her own “Nath, how could you ‘forget’ to visit me? My favourite spoilt brat of a brother – always the youngest, always the favourite” she replied unable to take the beaming grin off her face.

Despite the pleasantries and banter between the two siblings, their bonds were closely tied. United in a mutual dislike for another sibling, the older brother, Max! Dubbed ‘Starfleet’s most prestigious.’ Nathaniel had also not avoided his sister, the stop off was a 24-hour turnaround before heading onto his next destination, Star Base 611. The tip off from his mother to his sister would have been well intentioned, planned and meticulous thought through on how and where she would ‘accidentally’ bump into him.

Despite the reunion, time was of the essence! A Cargo-vessel soon departing for Star Base 611. A new officer ready to take up a new assignment. What next? Sleep!

<30 Minutes Prior to Arrival at Star Base 611>

Nathaniel had planned to get some rest and sleep on the long journey to the Starbase, but his levels of excitement had surpassed his ability to sleep. Instead, he had been focused on the schematics of this monster of a ship. The excitement was in the role he had been asked to play – piloting a giant such as the Titan Class – a moving mini-planet capable of speeds in excess of warp 9.

He had prepared well, using access to holodecks over the course of his journey to SB611 he had built up simulation hours – nothing though, would compare to driving the real thing.

Having packed his duffle bag and being ready to land, Nathaniel had made his way to the mess of the Cargo vessel for the final leg of the journey. Said patiently waiting, patiently reading, he continued to brush up on the specs of his new ‘home.’

Despite the peace and quiet, he felt the ship drop out of warp. He knew this meant they were now very close to his new assignment. Packing his belonging up he begun to stand up only to be slung back into the chair.

“USS Columbus, look, at, that. She is the finest in the fleet, its all the talk of the cadet back at Starfleet Command” said a voice as it landed in the chair next to him, knocking Nathaniel back with force, to gaze out the window. The Columbus stretched out the length of over 2400 metres, a width of over 1200 metres and sporting an impressive 144 decks was, as imaged, a mammoth of a ship. “Can you image being an officer on something like that?” the young male cadet asked.

Nathaniel looked out the window with the young cadet, grinning at the eagerness of an officer clearly either on a first assignment or full of energy. He wondered if he was ever like that, full of energy, full of passion or if his 12 years in service had made him more formal? More serious? More aware, perhaps?

Attempting to instil some wisdom into this cadet, Nathaniel, standing from his chair and replied. “Cadet, I guess only the lucky few get to experience such as delight – work hard, play fair and I am sure you’ll get there one day” he said walking off towards the door heading for the base and onto the Columbus.


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