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Back to Business (Part 4)

Posted on Tue Jan 29th, 2019 @ 1:59pm by Colonel Drass Kebron & Lieutenant Maria Martinez & Lieutenant Brianna Perim & Lieutenant Commander Ronan Channe & Lieutenant Ba'zra Jennings & Captain (Marine) Roland Hallowes & Lieutenant Marcus Alexander, MD & Lieutenant JG Konebak Zek & Lieutenant JG Silpar

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Senior Staff Conference Room, Deck 20
Timeline: January 3rd, 2389 13:30 hours

[Senior Staff Conference Room, Deck 20]

When the others had filed out of the conference room Roland had gone to the replicator and ordered an espresso. Returning to his seat he sat quietly recording notes on the joint exercises he had mind.

Marcus sighed as he returned to the conference room. He was afraid it would be a long trip in the Delta Quadrant if things kept going like they were.

Ronan nodded to Marcus as he entered and returned to his reading. With only a ten minute break between meetings, he had decided to spend the time reading reports rather than running around the ship.

The doors to the conference slid open and Drass led Baz and Zek in. He motioned for them to remain at the front of the room with him.

"Computer," Drass barked, "Add the following to the ship's permanent record: I, Colonel Drass Kebron, as Acting Commander of the USS Valkyrie, hereby take the following disciplinary actions against Lieutenant, Junior Grade Konebak Zek on this date and time: Firstly, on the count of gross insubordination and conduct unbecoming of an Officer, I hereby relieve you of duty as Chief Engineering Officer and revoke all the rights, privileges, and honors afforded the position." He checked his PADD, "Effective immediately, Lieutenant Maria Martinez will resume the role of Acting Chief Engineering Officer until such a time that Lieutenant Zek has demonstrated the ability control his temper and act in a professional manner, or another Officer is chosen for the position."

"Secondly," Drass continued, "On the count of knowingly subverting established safety protocols and the willful endangerment of a member of the ship's complement, I hereby permanently reduce your rank by one grade to that of Ensign, and revoke all the rights, privileges, and honors afforded the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Furthermore, you are hereby ordered to report to Sickbay for an immediate psychiatric evaluation and are ordered to comply with whatever treatment is deemed medically necessary. Finally, under the United Federation of Planet's Uniform Code, you have the right to appeal this decision with the Office of the Judge Advocate General. Do you understand this right?"

"Why fight what I know I've done. I accept it all." Konebak spoke with no regret, he did only what he thought he had to help himself.

Drass nodded, "Very well." He reached up and plucked the black pip from Zek's collar, "You're dismissed, Ensign." Turing, he set the pip on the table and tapped his comm badge, "Lieutenant Martinez, report to the Senior Staff Conference Room." He tapped his badge again to close the channel and glanced at Baz, "Have a seat, Lieutenant. I believe you were giving your report when we were interrupted?"

"Yes Sir." Konebak turned around and walked out thinking to himself. I'm sure this will work in my favour.

Roland sat quietly watching as the trio made there way to the front of the conference room. Listening attentively, he thought to himself I have got to find out what just happened.

Ba'zra sat down, took several calming breaths and then smiled. Most had never seen this before without some sort of snarl behind it; however, this time the smile was genuine and warming. "I do not recall having anything to add. As I said before, all computers show systems within expected parameters. I have guards placed at Engineering and at the transporters. All weapons are secured or in the hands of authorized personnel. I will be running my own tests on the ship's systems to verify there has been no tampering. Perhaps I also should install some further sensors to deal with incidents such as we just had," she offered with a questioning voice.

"I take it the additional sensors have to do with the charges against Ensign Zek" Roland said looking over at Ba'zra. "Its been my experience that a determined hacker can get past any sensor you put in place" Roland continued turning toward the Colonel. "Additional sensors just make the system more complex and usually easier to bypass. There's a group called the MSers back on Earth that will sell you a hack for any system you can put in place. Besides if I can't trust my shipmates to do the right thing, we have far bigger problems than any vulnerabilities that might exist in our systems."

While Ba'zra knew that she was talking about the spastic Bug, she could not simply use him as the excuse. That would make her seem petty. "No, sir. That is not the only reason for my recommendation. My recommendation is based upon what happened on Columbus. We were blind...." Her voice trailed off as she remembered the chaos and the unnecessary crew deaths.

"While I like your initiative, Lieutenant," Drass interjected, "Major Hallowes has a point. The more complex a system is, the more likely it is to fail." He considered the situation for a moment. "However, that doesn't mean there aren't ways to improve the system without adding complexity. Get with engineering and review the current safety protocols and their monitoring systems to see if there are any apparent vulnerabilities that need to be addressed."

You want me to share my job with some sort of bean counting unimaginative geek? You're killing me slowly. At least the Bug would have the decency to try and do it quickly. "If you say so, sir," Ba'zra replied gritting her teeth.

Drass looked around the table for anyone he might have missed. "Operations," he glanced at his PADD, "Lieutenant Silpar. Status of the personnel and materials transfer?"

The Vulcan had quietly been observing the briefing. He was accustomed to the department head meetings. “We have all necessary supplies. All fleet supplies have been stored in cargo bays three and four,” he said in a slow Vulcan voice. He paused then continued, “personnel is a different story. NCP and crewman are all on board. Junior officers are all accounted for. We are short on senior officers. We are missing several key positions such as Chief Diplomatic & Strategic Operations Officer. Very few departments have Assistant Chiefs available. Starfleet was unable to give me a time frame or if they would here before deployment.”

"I've been briefed on the situation," Drass replied, "I will fill any vacancies that remain once we're underway." He looked at his PADD, "Lieutenant Perim, status of the Science department?"

The young Trill's eyes widened in surprise and she jumped to her feet, fumbling her PADD momentarily, "I...ah...Yes, Sir." Taking a deep breath, Brianna collected her thoughts before continuing, "All personnel have reported, sensor pallets are calibrated and operating within the expected ranges, all scientific databases have been downloaded and verified. The stellar cartography database has been updated with information the provided by the USS Khepri on the Gradin Belt and sent to Flight Control for integration into the navigational database. Finally, I have a crew working to outfit the Tydirium for an advanced geological survey of the potential colony sites for Admiral Paka."

"Very good," Drass replied, nodded. He made a few notes in his PADD and turned to Nathaniel, "Lieutenant, be sure to get those changes synced to the navigational database before we depart."



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