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Back to Business (Part 1)

Posted on Thu Jan 17th, 2019 @ 12:02pm by Colonel Drass Kebron

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Various
Timeline: January 3rd, 2389, 13:30 Hours

[Holodeck 1, Deck 82]

His anger running deep with in him Konebak pushed his chair in and rushed out of the conference room. Running to the nearest turbolift he shouted Holodeck one. As the turbolift began to move he could feel his mandibles twitching and his rage harder to control. The doors swung open there stood an ensign waiting to get on the lift, Konebak shoved him out of the way and rushed to the holodeck. "Computer run training program two with Klingon warriors as the opponents safety's off."

The computer replied back "Safety's can not be disengaged with out the captain's permission."

Konebak pulled the panel off the wall and quickly switched around some of the wires.

The computer spoke again. "Safety perimeters disengaged for Holodeck one, Training program two is now running."

Konebak stepped in three Klingons stood in front of him two males and a female all armed with bat'leths. The Xindi Insectoid's blood boiled as he let out a blood curdling hiss and leaped at the first Klingon with his talons out ripping and slashing the him then moving to the second male Klingon, Konebak throw him against the wall. The third Klingon rushed him from behind she swung her bat'leth down into his shoulder. Konebak pulled the blade from his shoulder and rammed it deep into the belly of the female Klingon and tossed her aside letting out a final hiss. "OH HOW I NEEDED THAT."

[Turbolift, Deck 26]

"Main bridge," Drass ordered as he stepped into the turbolift and waited for the doors to close. The computer chirped an affirmative and the doors slid closed as the lift began it's accent. A moment later, the computer's disembodied voice
broke the relative silence of the car, "Warning. Safety protocols have been disabled in holodeck one."

Drass frowned, "Under whose authority?"

"Unknown," the computer replied.

"Reinstate safety protocols," Drass growled. His patience was still rather thin following the confrontation during the briefing a few minutes earlier.

"Unable to comply," the computer responded, "Safety protocols have been manually disabled."

Drass cursed, "Who is in the holodeck?!"

"Lieutenant Konebak," the computer replied, indifferently.

Now Drass was furious. He slapped his comm badge as the turbolift slowed to a stop and the doors parted, "Kebron to Konebak!"

[Holodeck 1, Deck 82]

Konebak order the computer to create more fighters as he continued to rip through them his badge chimed he heard Drass on the other end he responded with adrenaline running through him. "This is Konebak how can I help you Sir." He suddenly grunted as he threw another Klingon. Sounds of fighting could be heard through Konebak's badge. "My apologies Sir, i'm just a little busy." Taping his badge he cut the comm.

[Main Bridge, Deck 21]

"Lieutenant?" Drass said as he stepped out onto the bridge. "Lieutenant? LIEUTENANT!?!" He was enraged. If there was one thing he would not tolerate, it was blatant insubordination. "Kebron to Jennings," he barked at his comm badge, "Remove Lieutenant Konebak from holodeck one immediately and escort him to the briefing. Be advised he has disabled the holodeck's safety protocols."



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