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Back to Business (Part 3)

Posted on Thu Jan 17th, 2019 @ 12:02pm by Colonel Drass Kebron

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Senior Staff Conference Room, Deck 20
Timeline: January 3rd, 2389, 13:30 Hours


Thinking about beating Ba'zra down there on the spot he instead covered the wound on his shoulder with his hand and headed to the conference room. "Make your guesses all you want you maybe calm now, but your Klingon and your anger will always be on the surface we both know you'll bring only dishonor to your new position." Laughing as he entered the turbolift "Are you coming Lieutenant?"


What in the heck is he laughing about? How'd he get into Starfleet. He seems to be very unstable. Despite these thoughts, Ba'zra's blood boiled. Ronan had better be very, very good to me tonight. I'm going to need to get some of this out of my system. Not turning her back on the Bug, she kept the phaser pointed at him while she entered the turbolift and took a defensible position in case he got unruly. She called to the computer, "Deck 20." Obediently, the turbolift started to move.

Not looking at her behind him Konebak continued to mock the Klingon he knew it wouldn't take much to get under her skin he believed that she was no better then he was. "I'm sure Kebron will be real happy with you bringing me to the meeting with your phaser drawn, for that matter you should feel embarrassed and weak that you would need that phaser to bring me to the meeting. Where is that Klingon strength you shouldn't need a weapon...Wait I forgot you're only half Klingon that explains it half the warrior half the strength. Weak, dishonorable and a coward I don't see Sto'vo'kor in your future Maybe Gre'thor instead."

Ba'zra grit her teeth. What right did the Bug have to remind her of her heritage? IF he only knew the half of it, she would be a laughing stock. No! I will not let him have that pleasure. He's baiting me, just like he did before! Think, Ba'zra! Don't react! Think! Make your house proud! Still, she growled, "I am following protocol, unlike a certain someone that thinks he can harm the ship however he wants." Come on, turbolift.... Get there already

His mandibles reared back in what could only be described as a smile. "Growling at me are you sound like you might be holding back the anger, but for how much longer" Turning to face her with his smile still on his face. "As for following protocol I'm pretty sure I wasn't sent to the brig alone, and that Klingon that was sent to the brig with me is the same one I'm looking at you have not changed and never will." As he finished speaking the turbolift door opened behind him.

[Senior Staff Conference Room, Deck 20]

Just beyond the turbolift doors towered a very angry Brikar. Drass resisted his initial instinct to horse-collar the Xindi-Insectoid and carry him to the conference room. Instead he nodded to Baz, "Thank you, Lieutenant. I admire your restraint in not shooting him..."

Ba'zra growled her thanks, stating, "He certainly tried to bait me enough. I refuse to dishonor myself by going into the details." She sneered into the Bug's back, hoping he might catch a glimpse of it. "Regardless, he has admitted responsibility for the re-wiring of the holodeck controls. Should I escort him to the brig?"

Hearing the growl again Konebak to the chance to make another jab at Ba'zra. "Temper, temper Lieutenant you wouldn't want our CO here to think you might have an anger problem." Turning back to Drass, Konebak spoke honestly and with confidence in his voice. "I do admit to turning the safety's off in holodeck one and I am wiling to accept an punishment you see fit sir."

Drass simply turned and led them toward the conference room.



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