Test flight Gone Wrong

Posted on Sun Feb 3rd, 2019 @ 12:31pm by Lieutenant JG Nathaniel Armani

Mission: Episode 2: Columbus Ascending
Location: Holodeck 15 - Deck 86
Timeline: January 23rd, 2389 - 1130 - Prior to Senior Staff Meeting

Nathaniel sat at the centre stage of the helm console surrounded by 3, fresh from the academy, flight operation officers. “Now remember, although we are on a holodeck this ship needs not have a bump on it! Recognise your training and a key part of this is the inertial mass of the vessel and shifting it” he explained to the officer who looked eager to jump into the seat.

“Ensign Chetrum, you’re up” he said motioning to the chair he had vacated. Motioning to the others, they quickly took up supporting consoles. “Now Ensign, we are going to get to warp 8 and then conduct an emergency stop” he ordered. When you are really.

The Ensign at the helm began sweeping her hand over the console entering a series of commands into the consoles. At the same time, the ship began to emit low levels vibrations, not enough to cause disruption but enough to be felt by highly sensitive flight controllers. A further set of commands typed into the console cause the low hum of the engine to increase.

“Initiating movement thrusters, moving off, engaging impulse engines” the officer spoke as she tapped in further commands. “Warp engines ready, engaging at warp 1…” she spoke as she tapped in further commands.

The ship started to shudder as it moved off. “Ensign, what do we need to do to?” asked Nathaniel to the younger looking ensign now sat over at one of the adjacent consoles. “The inertial dampening field needs realigning to compensate for the inertial stress caused by the acceleration to warp speed… Structural integrity field also needs more power… fixing now, sir” he said sharply as he typed in a further range of commands to his console and the shuddering came to a holt creating a smooth ride.

“Well done, Ensign” Armani replied as he repositioned himself in direct sight of Ensign Chetrum.

Ensign Chetrum continued. “Warp 2… Warp 3… Warp 4… Warp 5… Warp 6… Warp 7… Warp 8” she said as the ship got up to the speed Lieutenant Armani had required.

“Ensign. Prepare for emergency stop on my mark.” He said as he positioned himself close to a chair for something to hold onto; just for safety reasons! “Mark…” he ordered.

The Ensign’s hand moved impressively across the panel bringing the ship to a sudden stop – this was no trivial task for a ship the size of the Columbus. “All stop – confirmed, Lieutenant” Ensign Chetrum proudly said.

Armani accessed one of the holodeck programme controls – as he did this the scene outside the viewscreen changed to that of a Jupiter Class star base. “Ensign Proud – you’re up!” he said as Ensign Chetrum and Proud swapped positions. “The Columbus is a callosal ship which has its own slight gravitational pull about it. Ensign Proud, dock the Columbus at dock-port C on the Star Base” he ordered as the Ensign quickly got to work.

“Piece of cake, Boss” Proud said as he tapped his fingers across the console. The Columbus began with a slight tremor as it positioned itself. “Thrusters engaged to rotate the vessel. Bring aft section around to rotate with the base.” He said being descriptive of his moves.

“Ensign, you are coming in too fast, engage port thrusters to counter the movement” Armani explained to the officer.

Moments later, Armani repeated the same order “Still too fast Ensign – you need to consider the velocity and stopping distance of such a large ship. Recalibrate your move…” he said looking at the Ensign who was beginning to get distressed with the tension of the situation.

Proud moved his hand across the console trying to counter the movement of the vessel as it approached the docking bay. “Sir, if I engage thrusters anymore I am going to knock the base out of its alignment” he nervously said to Armani.

“Ensign, if you don’t you are going to hit the base! Engage the thrus…” Armani was cut short with the loud effect of scrapping of metal on metal as the Columbus moved too quickly into port with the holodeck generated base. “Ensign… Congratulations, you have just ripped a hole in the Columbus and that docking bay will need extensive repairs…!”

Ensign proud took a deep breath in and a loud sigh out was released. “But every simulation I have perfected that move.”

“Ensign, perhaps the issue has been the lack of observation on you which has made you somewhat hesitant and nervous?” Armani paused for a moment before continuing “I want you to produce a report on this situation and explain how you will rectify some of the short coming – you will not do a bridge shift until I have a certain level of assurance that you are fit to pilot this space craft.”

“We will try again in a few hour’s time, Ensign. You are all dismissed!” Armani ordered as the 3 officers left the holodeck.